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Wedding after Baby ... What to do :-/

Hello everyone, 

I just got engaged on June 20 and the week after that I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant. Talk about everything happening at the same time. We originally planned on having a destination wedding, but now sine we are having a baby that may not be possible. 

Our baby would be due in Feb 2014. Yay!

My partner said he wants to be married now ... not because of religious purposes or anything he told me that the day after he proposed. But I wanted to wait a while, especially since now we are having a child. 

I figured next summer Aug 2014 would be a good time, but im worried about how my body will look. Since this is my first child I do not know what to expect. Will I gain 25 lbs? or even 50?? (that would put me at 200) and if that happens will I be able to lose it. So many questions.. 

I would like to know if any of you ladies have ever been in this situation, and what did you do?

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Re: Wedding after Baby ... What to do :-/

  • I have not been in this situation, but I also don't believe that you must be married to care for a child. If you choose to get married (I'm thinking in a courthouse, JOP situation) before baby gets here you could always throw the reception you were going to on your first anniversary as a vow renewal. Plus, even if you gain all the baby weight, they have amazing shapewear on the market to get you looking your best.

    GL either way, but I think this is a decision only you and your FI can make.

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  • Congrats on the engagement and the baby!

    I'd say do what makes you happy. If you want a bigger wedding then you should wait and have a bigger wedding. Just go with your heart.

    If you decide to just get married now, I'll tell you we got married with just about 10 of our absolute closest family members and friends with us and it was wonderful. So it really is just your preference.

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  • Very similar situation to me. Our baby is due Aug. 25, and our wedding is November 30. I am positive that my body will be fine. I am 32 weeks now, and have gained 14 lbs. Granted, I know I still have a ways to go and more weight to gain. If you follow an exercise plan, and don't give in to your every craving or the excuse that you're "eating for two" that can definitely help the amount of weight you gain. I had struggled with that because you know it's my wedding day, the day I've dreamt about my whole life and I wanted to look perfect. I realized that none of that mattered, because my family will already be made. All that should matter at the end of that wedding day is that you married your best friend, the love of your life, and that you will have your precious child there as a testament to your love for one another. It has been hectic trying to plan for a wedding and baby at the same time, but I know I couldn't wait much longer than 3 months after she was here to make my family "official." (Not sure if that makes sense.) 

    ETA: From reading through the knot board, I do know that people say it's bad etiquette to get married in the court or JOP and then expect a big wedding at a time later on because you are already married. But, that's not saying that you couldn't get married in the court and then have a reception later on when the time is right.  

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  • Congratulations! These are both very exciting things.  I dont think there's a wrong decision, but personally, I would have the baby first and then plan the wedding.  It would be too stressful for me to do both at once. Plus, you may have a different view on your budget after the baby comes along. Feb-August would be a decent amount of time to lose the weight. It took me about 9 mos after my first pregnancy.

    Also, there's a Feb 2014 BMB if you're interested. Come on ovvvaaaaa....


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  • We got married after our second was 5 months old. It just felt like the right time, really. We had a couple of close friends at the courthouse, the judge answered her cellphone in the middle of everything, and we went to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate. It was awesome because it was exactly what we wanted.

    Don't worry about the dress or the date or the number on the scale. You do you. 

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  • Thanks for your advice. We may have an August wedding! By that time our little one will be 6 months.


    Its nice to have the support of everyone

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