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Night weaning

Now I don't plan on doing any type of night weaning yet because I think it's normal for my babes to be getting up to eat once. And I will ignore the fact that they've been getting up twice all week haha. But I was reading up on some sleep training on the troublesome tots website and it brought up night weaning saying that by 6 months a baby should be able to sleep trough the night without waking to eat. Since this is only a month away I thought I would ask opinions.
My boys are eating PLENTY during the day and I honestly don't know how they're still hungry at night but hey, they're growing boys. The site recommends reducing the night bottle by 2 oz until the bottle is no more and the babies shouldn't wake up for food anymore. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this and if anyone has done this with a previous baby. Trying to plan ahead if this is something we decide we want to attempt.

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    image Teacher Clark:
    I know when we night weaned DD1, DH went in to soothe her back to sleep instead of me going in to feed her. If she wouldn't be soothed I would go in to feed her, but it was never an issue. She quickly stopped waking up because she broke the habit of night nursing.

    Yup, this is what we've done with our son. He still wakes 2 or 3 times a night needing brief soothing, but he nurses at around 8pm and then not again until 6am. We started out with my husband trying to just soothe, since if our son saw me he would want to eat, but now I can soothe him without feeding him.

    I EBF but could tell my son was ready to drop his 2 to 3am feeding when he was barely suckling and mostly still asleep a couple of nights in a row. When he's actually hungry he's very much awake and actively nursing.
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