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moving baby?

LO is in a co slepper next to our bed. I am BF. For those of you that are like me, when did or planning on moving LO to their crib?
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Re: moving baby?

  • We haven't made it to the crib yet but after about a week I moved our snuggle nest from our bed to the PnP next to our bed. We only had him in the bed while I was recovering from my CS. I had complications so I was in the hospital for almost a week and then we had him in our bed for a week so he was two weeks old when we moved the snuggle nest into the PnP. It was an easy transition with no issues. It's really great because we have our bed back but I can easily get him in the middle of the night. He's 5 weeks tomorrow. Not sure when we'll move him out of our room and into his real crib. Most likely when he can start sleeping 6 hours straight, we're at about 4 now so probably in 2 more months.
  • We had our first in his crib from day one. This one is currently in the RNP next to our bed, every time we've tried to get her in the crib we've failed miserably. We're going to try again this week. It's convenient for BFing, but she's just too noisy of a sleeper.
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  • We plan on keeping DS in our room until 6ish months. Our older two were in our room until closer to 12 months but we moved when both were 7 months and the moves threw off our sleep plans.
  • We had DD in a snuggle nest like PP and after my H went back to work, I moved her nest into her nursery and slept in there with her so he would sleep better at night. Last week I started putting her nest in the crib so she gets used to sleeping in it. Friday I started sleeping back in our room and relying on the monitor at night. I will probably pull her nest out some time this week. It's actually been a really easy transition for us. 

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  • We will move him when he is waking once a night or less.
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  • We moved #1 over at 5 weeks.

    We moved #2 over at 3.5 weeks.

    Both times, everyone's quality of sleep immediately improved when we did so. Babies are noisy sleepers, which disturbed DH's and my sleep. Our boys also both slept better in their cribs than in the PNP.

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