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~~~July Plans~~~

Can you believe it's July 1st already?? What's going on this month, moms-to-be?

Showers, vacations, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, etc?

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Re: ~~~July Plans~~~

  • Augh!  I can't believe it's officially July!  We have lots of fun things scheduled - a trip for my MIL's birthday, vacation with my family, a baby shower, and DH is taking a trip to play in an ultimate tournament with his college friends.  Come August I think we'll have time to take a breath and really settle in to get ready for this little guy to arrive.
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  • I can't believe its July already either! This month we have our maternity pictures, my baby shower and our hospital tour and registration.

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  • We're moving this weekend and that's pretty much all that is on the calendar for this month.

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  • Two family reunions one local, one 3 hours away, Hs bday, a baby shower, class for GD diet, start 2 week appointments!
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  • July is going to be non-stop for us! Every weekend is booked! Eeek!

    4th of July party at our house with family, surprise birthday party for a family friend, last monthly appointment & GD test, my first baby shower, meeting with a pediatrician, then our 4 week series birthing classes start on the 21st!


  • SILs birthday is today, weekly appointments, and I plan on ordering some nursing tops and sweats from ON and packing my hospital bag. We are taking the kids to watch the fireworks on Friday in DHs home town (its their yearly fest and have fireworks the first night and we are busy on the 4th) so that should be fun and DH has his 10 year reunion and I am excited to meet more of his friends that dont come home often. Thats it.


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  • It will definitely be a busy month!  Going to a 4th of July BBQ, breastfeeding class, infant care/safety class, Sewing 101 class, 3d/4d ultrasound, baby shower, maternity pictures, 2 OB appointments, hair appointment, and 10 year HS reunion. So far that's what is planned.
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  • I start my 2 week appointments tomorrow, fireworks, taking a birth class since this is a new hospital for me on the 20th and then the 26th is my BURTHDAY!

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  • Two 5-day camping trips. One to an awesome RV resort about 1.5 hours away and the other to a state park right on Lake Michigan about 2.5 hours away. I can't wait!!!!



  • We'll be at the beach for the next couple of weeks, then when we return I'm in full prep mode for baby. I want to be completely finished with the nursery and setting up stuff by the end of July. 
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  • Bring on July!  We have parades and fireworks for the 4th, DD's 2nd birthday party this weekend, local county fairs, doctor's appointments, Ragbrai, and two weddings in the books already.  Plus, day to day activities like the park, pool, walks etc.   I have a feeling this month is going to fly by.  Even though we are just as busy in August, the last month tends to drag for me.

    And, I haven't even started getting ready for this little one yet.  Not sure when to fit that in to the schedule.

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  • Sok82Sok82 member
    My mat leave has started today... Woohooo : looking forward to 11wks of resting an organising things for baby xxx
  • Can't believe it's July either!

    My bday is tomorrow - i think hubby's planning a surprise :)

    Then our 1 yr anniversary is this Sunday so we're doing a 3-4 day getaway in Maine leaving on the 5th.

    Then 3 doc appts next week, 2 baby classes, 1 Mets/Phillies game and a Bob Dylan concert at the end of the month.

    And maybe starting to work on the nursery too! 

  • kje120kje120
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    We're doing a little vacation at the end of the month when our daycare is closed for a week for vacation. I think we're going to head to the mountains to try to escape the oppressive heat and humidity for a little bit.  Other than that I'll just be trying to keep cool.
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  • Fourth of July trip to see family, my birthday, the baby shower, the hospital tour, and start of childbirth prep classes are all this month. Thank goodness, because I'm starting to get impatient waiting for my little boy!


  • Celebrating my bday on July 4th with family BBQ even tho bday was this past weekend. Lots of graduation parties to attend and my nephews baptism is in two weeks and my baby shower is sometime this month as well. Exciting month! This year is flying by and I welcome it.
  • I'm jealous of all the vaca's.

    We will hopefully finally be moving this month! So no vaca's for us until that finally happens!

    My two week appointments also start this month.

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  • We've got a wedding to go to, my shower, all of our classes and several appointments. . I had some other traveling plans but I think I need to cancel so that I have more relaxation and pool time!

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  • 2 week appointments start, my dads bday, baby shower with work girls, family and friends baby shower, and camping
  • ejb23ejb23
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    Brother in law coming to visit this week. Then hopefully getting the baby's room done before the end of the month when we have a Bach party and bridal shower out of town and our child care class


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  • csh96csh96
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    It's going to be a busy month!  Now that we are moved, aside from unpacking more, we are going to start working on the nursery.  I need to find a photographer and plan maternity shots. We have our baby classes this month and start every 2 week appointments.  I also need to start scheduling appointments with day cares and pediatricians.  busy!
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  • I have two different church "sprinkles" (which I was not expecting but am very thankful for).  My BABY turns TWO in 11 days and I'm dying!!  I can't believe he's growing up so fast.  I'll have two appointments this month and also find out for sure if I'll be induced early.  If I am, I'll be having an August baby, which means I'll be having this baby NEXT MONTH!!!  HOLY COW!  We also are touring the hospital this month and I'm excited to check it out!
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  • We have our baptism class, Baby Basics class, Breastfeeding class, and birthing class this month.  We also have our first baby shower!  And DH's birthday is at the end of the month!!!
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  • Crazy that it's already July! I've got SIL's birthday July 4th, so going out for nice dinner that night. Then check up next week. That weekend we have our prenatal class and my last shower. Yay! I'll probably have another check up this month too. Then my parents are coming up at the end of the month too ccomplete the nursery. I just can't wait to see it all finished!
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    Then comes August and its even crazier. I feel like these next 11.5 weeks are going to FLY by!

    I can't decided if July or August will be busier! Thank God I will (hopefully) be able to relax in September before this baby comes! 

  • Ugh I tried to hit edit and hit delete!!
    Crazy month!
    Wednesday GD test and 29 week appt, will start 2 week appts after that.
    Thursday is DH and my 4th wedding anniversary.
    This weekend, pool time, BBQs, parade and fireworks.
    Next weekend we want to take DD to the zoo.
    The weekend of the 20th is our town's summer festival, so bball tourney for DH, concerts, races, etc. That Sunday we're taking DD to a Love My Sibling class at the hospital.
    The last weekend is my shower and my sisters graduation party. We'll have lots of family in town and I can't wait.
    Then August will be even crazier! I have a feeling these next 11.5 weeks are going to FLY by!
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  • This month has come quite quickly if I do say so my self. I am going on a cruise next week to the Bahamas, I am having my maternity pics in a few wks, as well as getting a 3d/4d ultrasound then finally the last weekend of the month I am having my baby shower. I hadn't realized all the stuff I have packed into this month. I still need to find a job and look into moving after LO is born. I can't support him off my income that I currently have.
  • caovercaover
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    My sprinkle is the 13th. My DH and I have a birthday! Busy busy month!
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  • July and early August are so busy and then it's the nesting period!!!  Just chilling here in Chicago for the 4th, but then every weekend after is busy!  Going to StL (5 hour car ride) the 2nd weekend to see friends and new babies, going to Indianapolis (3 hour car ride) the 3rd weekend to see friends and new baby, my baby shower and lots of guests the 4th weekend, and then the first weekend in August going to Detroit (5 hour car ride) for in-law's 40th wedding anniversary party at Comerica Park!!  After that, it's all about getting ready for baby's arrival!! 

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  • So much to do for us.

    My daughters birthday is this month, gotta finish the nursery and putting everything away and cleaning the carpets. Two week appointments also start this month and we need to tour the hospital. I also want to get my hospital bag packed or at least started because I will be likely having her a week or two before the due date which likely will put me in August.



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