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a new nephew, but way too soon

My sister-in-law sent me a Facebook message on Friday and asked if I could help spread the news that the shower would be at the hospital insted of at the planned venue. She had been admitted to L&D on Thursday. She was doing fine but baby wasn't getting enough blood, was running low on amniotic fluid and was measuring 7 weeks behind. On the upside she wasn't having any contractions & his heartrate looked great. She was 30 weeks, they said she could go home on Monday (but only because she lives 15 minutes from the hospital) She was to go in every day for monitering & an ultrasound. They wanted her to make it to 34 weeks but said they would take him at 32 weeks if they had to. So she had her shower (or more like downpour) on Saturday & she looked great but really small. She is average size and looked like I did at 3 months. I began praying that she could keep him inside as long as possible.

Yesterday afternoon we got the news that baby M had arrived even earlier than expected. The nurse that went to the waiting room told my in-laws that he was only half a pound. Thankfully she had made a mistake but he is still teeny. 1lb 1/2oz 10inches. He was breathing on his own but of course was rushed to the NICU. SIL posted on FB that she was going to get to meet him today. Oh I forgot to mention, they have been TTC for 9 years! She had at least one miscarrage early on, this is a beautiful couple . Please pray for teeny tiny baby M. and for comfort and streingth for his mom & dad.

~*Christine*~ TTC #1 with PCOS since September 2005. 8 rounds of clomid- 4 HSG- 3 failed IUI's HSG 11/16 showed no fill in right tube-First RE visit 4/12/07 (my 26th b-day)started injectables with IUI- 75 IU's of Follistim- increased to 100 IU's- HCG 5/4/07 - IUI on 5/6 BFN 5/21 Increased Follistim to 125 IU's tested again 6/18 BFN & AF showed up. Last IUI before starting IVF 6/30/07 ******BFP 7/14/07,7/15/07 & positive blood test 7/16/07****** Our little Bean was due Easter Sunday, 2008 (March 23rd) Kaitlyn Jean arrived 1 week late 3/30/08 7lb 10.5oz 20" perfect! Myla Grace was our little gift, BFP first month off the pill arrived on her due date 12/16/10 BFP number three August 4, 2013 Due March 27, 2014

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Re: a new nephew, but way too soon

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