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Cleaning toys

How does everyone clean their plastic and cloth mixed toys? He's got a few that he now stocks in his mouth every time so I need to clean them every so often. What do you do?
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Re: Cleaning toys

  • For the things that can't go in the dishwasher or washing machine, we use Wet Ones antibacterial wipes.  We use these instead of the Clorox wipes on his toys because the Wet Ones are safe for hands, so they must not be as harsh as the Clorox wipes.  There are also wipes for pacifiers that you could use, too. 

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  • Washing machine or pacifier wipes
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  • We clean anything plush in the washer a couple times a week. For the stuff that can't be washed we use Clorox anywhere. It's safe we just let it dry away from the baby. I have looked a babyganics toy cleaner but have not purchased it nor do I know anyone that has.
  • I put them in a lingerie bag and wash them in the washing machine. I figure if they can't hold up to regular washings, we don't need them! LOL
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  • All Vivi's current toys are plastic, mostly teething rattles and the like, so I just wipe them down each night after I've put her to bed with some Wet Ones and let them air dry.  Since she's putting everything in her mouth right now I haven't introduced any cloth or plush toys.
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