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When do you usually want to have a baby shower? I'm due at the end of host says its totally up to me when I want to have it.

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  • A lot of us in the October group have been planning late August/early September depending on due dates. I think the right answer is usually a few weeks before your due date so your not too uncomfortable and you have time to finish getting ready for the baby. That being said, some of us are bending the rules a bit and having some early for family that live out of town. My MIL is throwing one for me next week while some of their cousins are in town from AZ.
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  • I was 30 weeks at my shower. Looking back, I think it was the perfect time. I looked pregnant, but I wasn't swollen or achy. I was in sky high heels and felt great. It was somewhere between week 34 and 36 that I got uncomfortable and started looking puffy.

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  • Mine was this weekend.  I'm 30 weeks along with twins.  It was perfect because I wasn't uncomfortable and now I have plenty of time to sort through everything, wash what I need to, and get everything away before the girls arrive.

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  • I was 28 weeks at the shower DH's family threw for us, and 37 weeks at the shower my sisters threw for my side of the family. I would have preferred somewhere between 30 to 34 weeks for both, but those were the only dates that worked for the hostesses.

    Pretty much anytime in third trimester is appropriate, it all comes down to your and your hostesses' availability.



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  • 30-36 weeks would be ideal time.  You'll be in the full glow of pregnancy and it will be a great time to put the nursery and baby gear together with enough time to spare to take care of the details and to purchase anything you will still need after your shower(s).
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  • My shower was yesterday, and I will be 33 weeks tomorrow. It was a good time, because I am big but not swollen, and I was still very comfortable. 

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    I will be 31 weeks at mine, which seems to be pretty "normal" timing.
  • I had one at 30 weeks (it was 3 hours away so I didn't want it to be too late in the game.) Also, I'm having another one for in town friends this weekend, when I'll be 33 weeks. I am showing, but am not *completely* uncomfortable yet. I was told that it's best to have them a month before your due date, but I think it's really just up to you!
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  • Anytime in 3rd tri is fine. I had a shower at 32 weeks and one at 38 weeks. By 38 there is a risk that you'll have the baby before the shower, though its not that big a chance. And you may be settling into the 'crabby pregnant lady' stage like I am. I am getting kind of grumpy about being uncomfortable and ready to be done with pregnancy. My shower was still fun for sure, but by this point in pregnancy its hard to get out of chairs and I don't fit some of my maternity clothes or any of my shoes. So I'd recommend earlier than 38wk if possible.
  • Somewhere in the 30 to 34 week stretch makes sense.  Earlier is okay if you have to travel or coordinate a lot of out of town relatives.
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