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Nursing is my superpower!

Seriously. I love breastfeeding. I really do feel like it's my superpower. Not only is my baby super gigantic and healthy and adorable, but I just nursed him while this loud party is going on next door (like, we share a wall) and he's sleeping like an angel now. 

And I just love the fact that besides the original donation from my husband ;) I can take full credit for the growing of this fluffy yummy little boy. :)

Just felt like sharing! Anyone else have a mommy superpower? 

Re: Nursing is my superpower!

  • Yeah, I feel the same way about Breastfeeding my 17+lb baby boy!!!! I'm so glad I stuck it out through the first 4-5 weeks bc I absolutely love it!!!! It's our special one on one cuddle time. I wouldn't trade it for the world! 

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  • Yup! Nursing is definitely my superpower. DD isn't quit as big as either of yours, she's 15 lbs, but she's growing well, and my boobs are seriously like Ambien for this kid. I try not to rely on nursing to sleep if she randomly wakes in the middle of the night and isn't specifically hungry, but when all else fails I just let her nurse and she's usually out cold in minutes!

  • Nursing used to be my superpower. When J was a newborn he gained a pound a week for a little while. Now I struggle to keep up!
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