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Things have shifted :(

6 weeks pp i am down about 23 pounds.  Great however I still dont fit into my prepregnancy jeans. Do you ladies notice any shifting?  I just feel so yuck not fitting into my shirts the same.  Its like I need a whole new wardrobe and style.  Im EBF so I am not able to diet and baby doesnt allow me to work out much.  Any ideas?
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Re: Things have shifted :(

  • Once I got the go ahead from dr I started doing yoga again and I do it with her on the mat so it is helping stimulate her. It's helped start to tone certain areas for sure...
  • Unfortunately, most women don't end up the same shape after pregnancy. My goal is to get back to a healthy weight and then splurge on a new wardrobe. In the meantime, I'm picking up a few items to get me through the bounceback phase.

    FWIW, you can do weight watchers while nursing. I signed up this past week, mostly to get an idea of how much I should be eating. I'm not dieting as much as trying to eat healthily and trying to instill good habits while I have the motivation to do so. Before kids, I was lucky enough to never worry about my weight, but that has changed as well!

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  • I was never the same after my first, though i weighed less. My hips were wider and things were distributed differently. I'm not sure where things will end up this time around. FWIW, most people are able to diet and exercise while BFing. I did it time and I'm doing it again. I lasted an entire year. As long as you don't drastically cut your calories and you maintain good fluid intake, you could be fine.
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  • I have begun doing a 2 mile walk at a pretty brisk pace in my neighborhood with LO in the stroller.  She loves it, and I get some exercise too! I do it every day, and even do it twice (morning and night) on some days too.  I'm also nursing, so I'm focusing more on the healthy eating and exercise.

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    I lost 30 pounds from my prepregnancy weight and things still don't fit right. I wear mostly dresses to work because they fit better.
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  • I still have a ways to go, and have just started being able to take short walks in the last few days, but I am already noticing that some things will never be the same. My hips bones are definitely much wider. I can tell that even if bfing brings me lower than my pp weight, who knows what size ill be with thus new shape. As a pp said, it's a great excuse to get a new wardrobe!

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    Yes my body is now a different shape. My pre-preg pants do not fit at all due to my hips. The rest of my body is going back to normal, well except my tummy right now.
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    Me too. :( I lost all my pregnancy weight but I still look 5 months pregnant and none of my pants fit, and none of my tops are good for breastfeeding. I'm barely leaving the house because I don't know what to wear. I need to go to Old Navy to buy some things to tide me over.
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