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Any recommendations for the best car seat for Phoenix weather?



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  • I think all of them are going to be the same. I did hear about car seat covers/ coolers that you place on top of the car seat. It's supposed to keep it cool. Check out Amazon!
  • We just bought a Recaro. The fabric seems more breathable than others. When dd was in her infant seat we had a Peg Perego and she seemed okay in that. Honestly, right now it's so stinking hot I don't know that fabric will make that much difference. I know some places sell car seat covers with inserts for ice packs to help keep the car seat cool.
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  • I've never had an issue with our Chicco Keyfit or Britax Marathon; never really noticed excessive sweating from either seat after taking DS from his car seat in the summer.  However, that is probably, as the other pp said, it is so hot it really doesn't make too much difference. 

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  • I have a maxi cosi and really love it
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