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Is anyone still training LOs how to sleep?

O will not fall asleep on his own, wakes up 1-2 times per night and tosses and turns so much that a bed is just too dangerous (we'd be OK with mattress on the floor).  

We are currently working on his sleep habits and patterns, but it's a long process, and it's frustrating sometimes.

Just wondering who's out there STTN beautifully versus who is still working on it... 

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Re: BedtimeSleep

  • Let's see, we're a little thrown off b/c of traveling, but basically she's been still rocked to sleep for bedtime and naps. It works, she likes it, so I'm not worried about it. I do see some progress - she rarely nurses to sleep, she nurses, pulls off and settles herself. She can sometimes do the drowsy to sleep thing if we pat her back.

    Usually she sleeps until 5am and somewhere between there and 6 she wakes and I bring her into bed w/ us. If it's before 5, she isn't allowed to nurse or come in our room. 

    She tosses and turns a lot and will also wake up whimpering, calling for me, etc. but if you give her 5 minutes, she will usually go back to sleep on her own. We never realized how much she moved, got up and laid back down, until we shared a room the last few weeks.  

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  • DS has been sleeping really well lately. We had about a week where he took forever to fall asleep, but we just leave him in there to party now. He decided to treat his crib like a trampoline last week...yeah.

    I'm pretty terrified of moving him out of his crib or taking away his pacifier. I hope to avoid both until DD is sleeping longer stretches.

    Our biggest issue right now is that he wants to take toys to bed with him - he had a serious meltdown one night when I wouldn't let him take one of his cars to bed.

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  • MMS88MMS88
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    DS has sttn for the longest time but the past few weeks he hasn't. It started with a cold and evolved into a sinus infection. If he takes a short nap during the day like 5 to 15 minutes, usually in the van, he will sttn. If he gets a better nap 1 to 2 hours he's up for 1 to 4 hours in the middle of the night normally when he's been asleep for 3 hours. Half his problem is he has a hard time falling back asleep once he wakes. He will toss and turn for hours. Mama's tired!

    ETA: MIL has volunteered to watch DS tomorrow night so mama can get a full nights sleep. Well as good night sleep as a huge prego can get. And maybe even get some house cleaning done!
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  • Jason has always been a good sleeper, I am so very thankful for that. We did have to do CIO again when he escaped the crib and moved him to a toddler bed, but that only lasted about a week and he's back on track now. 

  • Unless there is something wrong Michaela goes to sleep between 815 and 830 and sleeps till 8 am.
    No prob putting her in a toddler bed. We did that on Christmas eve when after the 10th time she climbed out of her crib. She gets a bottle and cuddles with mom or dad and then her paci and right into bed.

    I have to say that when it comes to sleeping I am blessed.

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  • If she's fine health wise and not in the middle of teething, she's a great sleeper. BUT, she's been teething hardcore for almost two months with no signs of the two year molars. F'uckers.

    Anyway, sleep is all over the place right now. I don't count on anything.


  • Usually she is an amazing sleeper. She goes down in her crib with a couple toys and her paci. She plays for 15-20 minutes before falling asleep. 

    Lately, shes been up playing till about 930-10. Why? The poor kid CANT fall asleep. 

    We shall see how tonight goes since I called and filed a noise complaint on my neighbors last night. 1030 and my kid was awake and pissed because they were outside in the pool screaming their heads off. 

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  • Dd has also been staying up playing in her crib. Most nights for an hour. She has also been getting up early. I blame the short days. Even blackout curtains don't work.
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  • We still struggle with night sleep.  Naps are fine, she'll sleep 2-3 hours if I let her, but then she gets up in the night.  I have fooled around with nap time, bed time, etc....this kiddo simply does not seem to need as much sleep as is recommended for her age. 

    Night is rough getting her to sleep because she only wants me.  She likes both DH and I to do the bedtime routine, but when it comes to actually falling asleep, she only wants me to lay with her.  This has been rough since DD2 has been born.

    Our other big challenge is that she will randomly wake up in the middle of the night and want to stay awake for 1-2 hours.  And then she goes back to sleep till 8 or 9am.  It makes me crazy.  DH and I wear ourselves out trying to tire her out during the day with lots of physical activity, and then pray that she sleeps all night.  This has been super tough now that we also have a newborn and the weather has been crappy :(


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  • LO has always been a really good sleeper, and we've been lucky. lately she has been, as I think, testing her limits- we put her in bed and she calls for us, or cries for us..

    we've given in and got her, but we are working on getting back to normal.. Last night was good, but I think she was exhausted from the weekend.

    we have moved her bedtime later- to between 8 - 830 pm. that seems to be helping, She does want a milk in the crib with her now at night.. so we have been allowing that.

    we are still in the crib, not even trying for a bed.


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  • We are still working on it, always.

    But then he moved from our bed to a floor bed at 14 months.  He's now on a floor twin mattress.  He never falls off that really, but we still lay with him to put him to sleep (yes, every night...and every nap...of his entire life), and when he wakes up 1-3 times per night, one of us goes and lays with him until he's back to sleep or he comes to our bed (now that he can open his door, this is becoming more frequent) for the night.

    That said, leaps and bounds better than a couple months ago when he was working on cutting those mutherfvcking top canine teeth.  And he has stopped absolutely melting down when I say no to night-nursing ("do you see the sun?   You can only nurse when the sun is out."  Used to be meltdown, so my H took over all night duty for, he says, "No sun.  Night night mama" and goes back to sleep, but I still have to stay with him until he's out).

    It's only as hard and exhausting as it is because we obviously also have a 6 month old to tend to (who DOES night-nurse, rightfully so).  But it's all temporary.  We're just sort of holding out hope that in a year or so, they'll both be happy to go to bed on their floor beds together.  *fingers crossed* 

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