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How can we keep our secret

Hi! My hubby and I want to keep our news secret until the end of the first tri. Except we have fam in town this week w/ lots of gatherings and a HUGE party at the end of the week. We all like to drink so ppl will suspect if I'm not indulging
Had miscarriage earlier this year so we want to wait
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Re: How can we keep our secret

  • Congratulations and welcome! I also had a miscarriage, so we are keeping quiet until our first ultrasound.  i have been fake drinking (filling up a dark beer bottle with water, or pouring a glass of Bitburger Drive, drinking cranberry juice mixed with club soda and a lime, or white grape juice as wine).  No one has said a word yet.
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  • I'm in the same boat with trying to hide it from family this week!  The ladies gave some great suggestions below in my "Hiding Pregnancy" post, so definitely check that out :)

    Could you get your husband to mix you drinks all night?  Club soda with lime looks like a vodka soda. Or like pp mentioned- cranberry juice with soda?  What do you normally drink at these sorts of occasions? Is it BYOB?  If you're normally a beer drinker, you could make sure to bring beer in darker bottles and then either dump it out a bit while excusing yourself to the restroom, or have your hubby drink from it?  Or you could dump it out and fill it with a different beverage?

    Fingers crossed that we are all successful this weekend!

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  • Thanks ladies I usually drink vodka soda beer or wine so all of your ideas are helpful!
    Hope we are all successful
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  • You can also find some sort of medication that you can't drink on and say you're on it eg: some sort of antibiotics...
  • I've used the antibiotic excuse before, as well as designated driver. Less complicated than sneaking non alcoholic drinks and someone noticing.
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