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More IS easier

I have seen several moms stated that more kids can make it easier.  I was skeptical.  Bt last night I watched my niece and nephew, who are 2u2, along wiith my own children.  My dd, my niece and nephew were entertaining each other,while all I had to do was feed DS, and he went to sleep.  And when he was awake, he was just laughing watching the older children play!  I am not comparing this to actually having 4 kids, by no means.  But I just can't get over how easier it went.   I have been absolutely dreading my SIL asking me to watch her kids.

now, I have no idea how I would ever leave the house. I can barely manage that with my two.  But dh has really been on the fence about a third, and this made him realize that DS and DD will be amusing each other once we hae the bay, so e transition won't be so hard.


no real point to this post, I am just impressed that I watched 4 kids under the age of 2.5 by myself, without going insane. 

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Re: More IS easier

  • I have been a preschool/daycare teacher for years with classrooms full of kids at varying ages from 6 weeks to school age. I worked longest in the room with eight 2.5 to 3 year olds. People would always think I was crazy when I told them I preferred that to just one child. But seriously, its so much easier! Yes, you must always be "on" to referee any chaos but they pretty much hang with each other! They also learn so much from each other and structured circle times and activities really flowed well.  With one kid, they are usually up in your grill needing to be entertained. 

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  • Oh yes! I have 9 nieces and nephews from ages 1 to 13 years and when we have get togethers DS who is 18 months btw runs off and plays with his cousins and they love playing with him and keeping him busy. So I definitely believe three will be easier than two in some ways since DS and DD will keep eachother busy.
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    In some ways it is easier, in some ways not. Way more laundry ; and lets face it four people to care for is four times the stuff to keep up with! When they are all helpful and getting along it is the best thing in the world! I am glad i have four for sure.
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