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Is she ready? WWYD?

DD is still swaddled when she sleeps. Since bringing her home she was always swaddled arms out and is fine sleeping that way. In her crib.

During naps she usually wakes up if she is on her back, unless I swaddle her. Yet, yesterday she took a 30 minute nap usual for her unswaddled in her crib. I don't know if it was just a fluke or if she truly doesnt need it.

At night she sleeps in it, and STTN, which is why I'm scared to not do it anymore! When she wakes up in the morning she has kicked out of her swaddle usually waiting for me to come get her cause she kicks out of it.

Does this mean she is ready to not use it anymore? Should I try just losening it a little each night, n not do it so snug, until its not needed?


PS she is not rolling yet, so that's not a concern.
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Re: Is she ready? WWYD?

  • Ha! What's funny is I struggled with this for the past 2 weeks and made a choice Yesterday to just keep swaddling her until she could roll. Guess what she did this morning and for her first nap? Rolled IN the swaddle. So that made our choice. She's in the sleep suit tonight, and so far is ok. She took her last nap in it and slept almost 2 hours, so I think it should be fine. If she STTN with it I say keep doing it. My LO still can roll well enough to just adjust her position to be comfortable, and being on her back makes her jerks wake her up so she still needs to be somewhat confined
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  • A loose swaddle is a suffocation hazard, so I wouldn't loosen it. Just stop using it. LO may not need it anymore and stopping using it could happen without fanfare. We stopped ours at about 11 weeks and DD continued to sleep well.

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  • We stop swaddling DD when she hit 12 weeks (before that we swaddled her every time she went to sleep).  We realized it was time when she would free her arms within 30 mins of swaddling her and would not go to sleep until she did so.  A week later she started to do the same thing with her feet.  We stopped swaddling after a few days of her freeing her feet.  The first few times she needed a bit more soothing but now she sleeps  just fine.


    Oh and FWIW DD started STTN AFTER we stopped swaddling her. 

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  • I'd keep swaddling til she starts rolling - especially if it seems to be working.  That being said, if her arms are out - it's not really true swaddling so I'm not sure it would make much of a difference.  You could probably get by with a sleep sack.
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