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Surprisingly Calm (But Happy)

Hi! So for about a week I've known I was pregnant, I could just feel it. Got it confirmed yesterday! :) We're very excited, but at the same time I just feel so calm and content. I remember feeling that way the first time (5 years ago, which sadly didn't stick around. :( ) I've always been very excited (and nervous) about getting pregnant, so I've always thought I'd bounce off the walls, but both times I just feel happy, content, and calm, (but thrilled. :)) I know all pregnancies are different, but I was wondering if anyone else had that and how long it stuck around (it'd be nice if I could keep this collected the entire way through!)

Re: Surprisingly Calm (But Happy)

  • I'm a pretty rational and calm pregnant person for the most part.

    My first ended in a stillbirth and while that was nervewracking and as result I don't love being pregnant to this day, I'm pretty relaxed about the whole thing. After living through that I've learned that it's all in the control of nature/Higher Power and facewash, touching cats, lunchmeat caffeine, salad dressing and cheese have very little to do with it at the end of the day. :)

    It also helps my OB has delivered hundreds of babies in his 35 year career so not much gets him worked up either.

  • Yes. This is me. I'm happy. And calm. Not once have I been bouncing off the walls. My reaction was something like, "Huh....I'm pregnant. That's nice."
  • I felt the same way! I'm excited but I didn't freak out or cry or anything, which I expected I would. I think part of it is that I don't want to attach too much just in case it doesn't end well. Which is not a great thing to think about but I'm a realist!

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  • Hi everyone! Congrats to everyone! :)

    Are there calming hormones or something? I'm usually a pretty high-strung person-I get excited and stressed easily. I was literally jumping on the bed my wedding morning, danced around the house when I was accepted to grad school, and I squeel whenever something makes me happy. I haven't done any of that- just can't stop smiling. :) I like starting out this way- hopefully it sticks around! 

    @DairyGirl- I'm so sorry for your loss! I cannot imagine how painful that must have been! :(  

  • Just in case anyone else is puzzled by the calmness, I got to be around a lot of women who've been pregnant yesterday and a lot of them said they did experience calming hormones. So I guess they do exist! :)
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