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growth spurt?

For those who pump, how many ounces does your LO take while toy are gone? My DD had refused bottles and now is taking them, but this week has been wrenching on my nipples and went from taking like seven ounces to like twelve to fifteen! I barely pump that much! Is she growing or is she finally accepting the bottle for real?
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Re: growth spurt?

  • I EP and LO usually takes between 4 and 8 ounces per feeding. On a rare occasion, he'll take 10 or more, but that's usually after a long night's sleep or during a growth spurt where he just can't seem to get enough.

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  • I EP as wl and LO takes between 5 to 6 oz *** day to talking 30 oz per day. While I'm at work she takes between 15 18 oz.

  • It's really unusual for a ebf baby to need more than 4oz a bottle , the most seems to be 6oz. So if she's taking 12oz in 1 bottle that's way too much. Bottle fed babies were found in a study to over eat. They don't work as hard to get the milk so don't register they are full. Workandpump.com has some great tips on feeding by bottle.

    Oh and DS has 3 bottles. we are apart 10 hours. He gets 5oz, 4 and 3. I serve what I pump so sometimes a little more or less
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