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How big is your freezer stash?

Just curious what other people have going on.. I've got about 400 oz frozen right now. I was really paranoid about my supply going back to work, so I made sure to get at least one extra pump session in a day before heading back, and one right before bed. After 4 weeks back, the baby tends to eat 9-12 oz a day, I send her with 15, and on average, I'm pumping 16 at work, so the freezer stash continues to increase... I've cut out any extra pumping sessions, but it's taking over our freezer, and based on what I'm pumping, seems pretty unnecessary now. If I over indulge or we're away from her, I've got plenty in there. 

That being said, what do you find to be your goal amount?

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Re: How big is your freezer stash?

  • Holy crap! Do you EP? I have about 60oz maybe and that is a crazy amount for me! I don't think I ever had over 100 oz with DS1. I pumped for the next day for daycare and froze on the weekends with him. I just hand express a few oz a day with DS2 because I'm not working, but I wouldn't really have much more even if I was. I think you are well stocked!
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  • Wowsers! I EP and I only have about 200oz.  
  • I EP and I have a little more than 400 oz in my deep freeze. With my ds not nursing great then flat out refusing to nurse in the beginning I really struggled getting my supply up to par. My goal is to be able to give him breast milk until his first birthday. I hope to have enough of a supply to stop pumping a few months before February!
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  • I have somewhere between 100-110 oz in there and he almost never has bottles. Probably more than I need but I like knowing that we have a few days worth in case there was some sort of emergency that separated us. I'm sure in some ways it's related to anxiety when I was nursing my second and her sister ended up in the hospital for 3 days and scrambling to keep up with her needs since she was dairy and soy intolerant.

    I was planning on stopping at 60, then at 80 and I just kept going. I was pumping 4 oz an evening. I have stopped now and will just replace what I use or pump if I'm seriously engorged. He STTN last night and one side ended up so engorged that he ate to full, I pumped 4 oz from it, then he ate to full again before it finally felt better. 

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  • I was really worried about loosing my supply while at work too. I think I have close to 500oz, but I can't know for sure because I have some stored at my parents house as well. 

    I am hoping to decrease my pumping when I go back to work in August (I am off for the summer now). I haven't calculated it out at all, but my goal is to be able to stop pumping while at work and still be able to give her breastmilk for close to a year.

     I am also really cheap and I don't want to buy formula. We want to start trying for number 2 soon, and I am also worried my supply with drop if I get pregnant. 

     DH thinks I am crazy and that I have started hoarding breast milk!


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  • I'm super jealous of all of you. I have maybe 20 oz. OP, how often do you pump at work and for how long per session? 
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  • I am a stay at home mom and I ebf and I have over 400 ounces in the deep freezer just in case and my son has maybe had 4 bottles and is 5 months and I have replaces that milk. I love knowing that I have it there in case of emergencies!
  • Uh... I have maybe like 30 oz? I despise pumping and don't generally pump any extra at work [if anything, I'm an ounce or two short] so I can't build a stash that way. As long as I have a little extra I'm okay with that.
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  • So I never had a goal other to have some so that I could leave DD with the hubby or grandparents. One of my trips to the breastfeeding clinic I was told by a LC that I was hurting my supply by going the 56 hours that my daughter was sleeping between feedings at night. That I either needed to wake he up or wake myself up and pump. Also because I only feed one side for the one MOTN feeding I would have to pump at that feeding also. I'm guessing I'm up to 200ish bags that average 4 oz each. So about 800 oz and she has only had a total of 25 bottles since she's started taking bottles. I have WAY more than I will need unless my supply tanks. I'm thinking of donating some of it so that I can rotate some out though.

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  • Girl I hear ya... I'm freezing an extra 30 a DAY (I make 50-60 ozs a day so freezing roughly 175 oz a week). I ended up with a huge oversupply while getting started with EPing at 2 weeks PP. I'm down to 6 pumps a day and still have a supply from heck. My goal right now is to get down to 35 oz a day. I currently donate 200-250 ozs every 2 weeks to a baby in need and anything left over I give to another mom who holds milk for a few other ladies. but still have 1500 oz sitting in my freezer. UGH!!!
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  • image kleigh926:
    Uh... I have maybe like 30 oz? I despise pumping and don't generally pump any extra at work [if anything, I'm an ounce or two short] so I can't build a stash that way. As long as I have a little extra I'm okay with that.

    Same here. I hope to give DD only breast milk for the first year but my supply is pretty much just enough for her. Some days I don't pump enough and have to dip into the stash and others I get a few extra ounces, so it evens out. 

  • I'm impressed by the stash the other EPers have!  If you EP how much are you getting a day?  I thought I was doing good pumping 30 odd oz a day.
  • image kbates85:
    I'm super jealous of all of you. I have maybe 20 oz. OP, how often do you pump at work and for how long per session? 


    I pump 3x a day at work, usually 15-20 mins per session.. For the first few weeks, I was lucky to get 12 oz a day, but lately in the mornings I get 6-10 oz, and 4 oz the next 2 times in the day. 

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  • I have about 300oz in the freezer now. I always send frozen milk on my first day at work for the week, and I freeze whatever I pump on Fridays.

    My goal is to provide BM for a year, but to stop BF and pumping sometime in the 11 months timeframe and just use up the freezer stash.
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  • 300-400oz. I need to count. I EBF, but pump once a day (in the AM after I feed him). I get between 7-9 ounces every morning and freeze that. I teach, so I pumped at work for 4 weeks (rotated out old milk with new). Now, I am just trying to build, so when I go back in August I have a decent amount frozen.
  • I am a SAHM now and DD#2 doesn't really take bottles, I have 100oz

    With my DD#1 I was working and had a deep freezer full, 2000oz or so by 12m. I stopped pumping at work at 12m and my frozen stash let me keep giving her BM till she was 16m.  

    If I can get my DD#2 to take a bottle I might work harder to build up my stash. 

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  • Wow!  I think I only have about 40oz in the freezer.  So far (knock on wood), I've been able to pump enough daily to keep up with what I need to send to daycare each day.  If i get stuck and can't keep up all of a sudden, I will add in some night/weekend pump sessions.

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  • I have zero ounces in the freezer. : I ebf when we are together and I pump for daycare bottles while I'm at work. I send whatever I pump to daycare, which is between 11 and 13oz. I was pumping 16 or 17 oz when I first went back to work but my period came back and my supply never went back up.

    We can never leave DS with anyone and he eats every 2 hours.
  • WOW my hats off to you ladies who have tons of BM in the freezer.  I pump 6 times at work (every 4 hours) I get anywhere from 30-45 oz when I pump at work. On my 3 days off I pump to make sure DH will have enough for feed while im at work.  So pumped milk at work goes to my stash, where my pumped milk on 3 days off goes to feeding while im at work. 
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  • About 40oz.
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  • The only milk in my freezer is on reserve for a friend who has supply issues. I'm so rarely away from my baby for a feeding that if I am, whoever is watching him can just take one of the bags that's in there and I'll pump when I get back to make up for it. My friend picks up the milk once a week so there's anywhere from 4 oz.-50 oz. in the freezer at a time.

    I used to have a bigger stash for myself, but it never ended up getting used so I just gave it all to my friend.  

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