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I am only 7 weeks and 3 days but I am SOOOO done with the first trimester. I can deal with the exhaustion and the sore boobs but I need this nausea to go away. I hate that everyone is enjoying their summer, sipping on drinks and feeling good and I am just miserable. I am already taking Unisom and B6 which is helping everything stay down but I still feel nauseous allll the time. I'm headed on a trip with my husband's family today and all I really want to do is sleep and wake me up when this is all over :( 

 I can't believe people actually do this again knowing how miserable it is!  

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Re: Vent

  • I am blessed that so far I have had not felt neasous but keep your eye on the final prize of a beautiful baby. Sending prayers your way for some relief.

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  • I am in the same boat. I'm miserable. And this is my second. My first pregnancy was amazing. There was about a 3 week window in my second trimester that I couldn't even hold water down, but once I got some Zofran, I was good. This time, Zofran isn't helping. Good luck, mama! It will hopefully pass quickly for you!
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  • Same here. I haven't enjoyed my pregnancy at all yet. I'm 8 weeks and don't feel like myself.
  • Same boat... It's our first pregnancy and I feel like I can't even enjoy it :/ I hope this passes soon! The Zofran only help some!
  • I said the same thing the other day (I can't believe people do this a second time, on purpose!)

    Tonight I'm off to a wedding, where there will be an open bar and sushi and a raw bar and I won't be able to have any of it! And oh my gosh my boobs hurt so badly! I had to give up jogging, there was just no relief for the boobs! (Took up yoga instead for now.) I haven't puked at all, but I constantly feel nauseated - which I think is worse, I wish I could just puke and get the awful feeling over with.

  • Just beginning and the tiredness is already driving me crazy. It's amazing how much of the day 2 hour naps take up! Hope  you start feeling better soon
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