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XP: Anyone quit their job on maternity leave?

Mobile : Anyone quit their job on maternity leave?

 I'm just curious if anyone quit their job while on maternity leave, how did that work with you HR department? Did you have to repay any benefits, were you able to leave on good standing or is it considered not giving a 2 weeks notice?


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Re: XP: Anyone quit their job on maternity leave?

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    I did. My maternity leave wasn't paid, but I did have 6 weeks of unpaid leave where I contined to receive benefits. I didn't have to pay back benefits because I was on leave, and I gave 2 weeks notice of when my return date would have been. Make sure you know your company's policy on this, though.

    I didn't care about leaving in good standing...I was pissed about my maternity leave not being covered, when I had been lead to believe it would be, my manager was a d bag, and it was not a good company to work for. Had it been a company I cared about, I would have at least returned for a couple of weeks to train a replacement. I would have side eyed the hell out of someone for doing this before I was in this situation, happens.

    Hope you don't get any flames :mobile smiley:

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  • I have not experienced this personally, but when I was practicing law at the big firms quite a few moms didn't come back from 3 months paid maternity leave.  I inquired about it and was told that although technically the firm could ask for the money paid out during leave to be repaid, the firm has never made anyone do it.

    I also have a few friends that work on Wall St. and in HR at some large companies that took paid leave and decided not to return.  They also were not required to pay leave money back.

    I think the only thing you can do is check with HR.  I'm sure it varies from employer to employer.  It almost seems as if the larger the employer, the less likely you will be required to pay back the money.  

    Wish I could be more help. 

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  • It is my understanding that the benefits or paid time that you receive during maternity leave is granted based on you returning to work. If you are not returning to work, (from what I have researched) you will be required to pay back any or all of that pay. Some say that if you go back and work a certain amount of time (1 day or 1 week etc.) then you wont have to repay. I would call HR and talk to them about this.
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  • Thanks for the response ladies.

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  • I have a friend that worked at a large accounting firm and she was required to come back for a minimum timeframe or pay back the benefits. She went back for a few weeks and then quit and had to pay the firm a large chunk of money.
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  • I did! I submitted my resignation during my leave. My employer requires a 30 day notice so I turned in my notice when I had exactly 30 days of leave left. I did not receive medical or dental through my company so I did not have anything to pay back. Good luck!!!
  • My work required that you work at least one shift after your leave. One lady worked that one day and was done. Most give notice and train a replacement.
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