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my poor sick baby UPDATE again

O hasn't been able to keep a single feeding down today so we are waiting on blood and urine tests at the children's ER. She doesn't have a fever and because she'd never spit up before and is now projectile puking they think she has an issue with her stomach muscle that opens into the intestines. I'm hoping they are wrong and its a stomach bug that will be gone in a day or two. I'm proud of her tho cause she took the catheter like a champ but and t and p are welcome.

ETA: they did the ultrasound on her belly this morning and everything was thankfully normal. They ended up diagnosing her with a stomach virus...partially because I started mega vomiting while we were there. Came home only to find out the DH has it too. Glad it wasn't as serious as they thought but seriously? I have to be sick AGAIN?!?!


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Re: my poor sick baby UPDATE again

  • Poor baby. I hope it is nothing serious and she starts feeling better soon. TP
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  • Aww my heart breaks for you I was a mess over an eye infection your LO will be in my prayers
  • Poor little peanut...and mama too!  T&P coming your way.
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  • I really hope she doesn't have pyloric stenosis. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your little girl. Keep us updated
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  • Ooh possible pyloric stenosis?

    We went through this with my first baby and it ended up just being a dairy sensitivity that he outgrew after a year and a half.

    My husband was of course out of town and it was so super scary.

    I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you guys.

    ETA They ruled out pyloric stenosis after a couple ultrasounds of his little belly. Hopefully it's just as easy and painless for you guys.
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  • Oh no! I hope they get it figured out quickly and easily!

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  • Oh no, hope she feels better soon and it's nothing too serious!

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  • I'm just reading after the update but oh my goodness how scary! I'm so glad she's ok, but sorry you're all sick!
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  • Glad that it wasn't anything else, hope y'all start feeling better soon!!

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  • Thanks everyone. F just got home from her grandparents and fell asleep on the couch which NEVER happens so I am guessing shes got it too. Going to be a long weekend in our house. think I'll put a big quarantine sign on the front door...


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  • skioskio
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    Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry you are all dealing with this, I can't imagine. Glad to hear it's nothing serious with the baby, though. I hope you all feel better soon!
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