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Grocery Shopping-Tell me how it's done ladies!

And any trips like Target or places that require a cart that you'll be putting items into.  For the mall I figure wear the baby and stroll my toddler who will be 19 months when DD2 is born.  I have a Moby but hated it with DD1 (why even get but I may like it out of the sheer fact that I need both hands all the time this go round.  I have also considered the Ergo with infant insert.  Will I be able to lift my toddler at all wearing the baby?  I am in my last month of pregnancy and want to purchase whatever gear I need to make grocery shopping alone with these two possible. I usually do big grocery shops so putting the baby carrier in the cart definitely won't work. Thanks!
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Re: Grocery Shopping-Tell me how it's done ladies!

  • My 2 yr old goes in the cart and I have to wear my infant. I have the baby bjorn carrier. I have a double stroller for Mall and small stores. I also use my baby bjorn carrier at the park so I can play with my 2 yr old. I pick my 2yr old up all the time with my infant in the baby bjorn carrier.
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  • laura1laura1
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    Toddler in the cart, baby in the carrier.  I have always been able to pick up another child with the baby in the carrier.  For quick trips to the pharmacy or coffee shop, the baby goes in the snap and go, toddler helps push.  Good luck!
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  • Wear the baby, like others have said. To add to it, I've found it easiest to park by the cart return, get the cart, put the toddler in the cart, then walk around and put baby in the carrier. It's way tough to try to strap the toddler in while wearing baby!


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  • What i would do it park next to the cart coral.  Put the toddler into the cart and then wear the baby in whatever carrier you decide.  Then you don't have to worry about lifting your toddler while wearing the baby.  It is doable to do that but it is quite challenging!  Then when you unload put in baby then toddler.
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  • I try very hard to not take both children to the grocery store. When it is unavoidable I put baby in Ergo and toddler walks free. My toddle refuses to sit in the cart so that is not an option for me. If I'm just getting a few items I let toddler carry the basket and that keeps her entertained. If we are shopping for a lot of stuff then she attempts to push the cart or sometimes stands on the back of the cart (not safe but works in desperation). 
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  • Wait until DH is home and go by myself....  Really, if I have major shopping to do (where I will need a cart) I don't take the kids, if it's a few items, I take the double stroller and use the basket underneath to put items in.
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  • My kids are 18months apart.  For trips to the mall, I always put both kids in the double stroller.  It is a pain to manuever through aisles sometimes, but worth it because both kids are content and contained.

    For grocery shopping, I try to get a cart that has a little car on the front for DD to ride in.  When DS was a baby I'd put his infant seat in the cart.  This does not leave tons of room for food, but you just pile it up around the baby.  As DS got older he was able to sit either in the seat or now he also rides in the car up front with DD- they love sitting there, its fun.

    I would not do a huge shopping trip with the kids- make 2 or 3 smaller trips per week.  They do NOT have the attention span to do it all at once.  You can try, but you will most likely all end up miserable.  I also try to go by myself when DH is home with the kids- its a lot less stressful.

    Personally I did not like wearing the baby for things like grocery shopping.  I felt it inhibited my ability to reach, bend, move things.  It was a huge hassel when trying to unload stuff at the register.  I do have the Ergo carrier, which I loved, but I used it more for carrying DS around while following DD at the playground.

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  • I try to park close to a cart return.  I grab a cart and strap my toddler in.  If baby is asleep or happy in the carseat, I put the carseat into the body of the cart.  If baby is unhappy in the carseat, I put her in the carrier (I highly recommend the Beco Gemini).  If the carseat is in the body of the cart I grab 1-2 hand baskets and put them on the bottom of the cart.

    For the mall, it depends on my purpose.  If trying on items for myself, I use our double stroller.  If not, either the double stroller, the single umbrella with toddler riding and baby in the Beco, or toddler walking and baby in the Beco.

    I can pick up the toddler on my hip with baby in the Beco. 

    Also, if you have help during your first weeks at home, do a short trial run to the store with both kids.  I didn't have any anxiety taking both out later after my DH went back to work because I tried it out early when I could fail and have backup (I did fine though, just a little flustered the first time).

  • One trick I've used is to get one of the baskets and put it under your cart. Makes more room for you, if you put your infant seat (or toddler, to be contained) in the big basket of the cart. 
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  • krb03krb03
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    I agree with PP about parking next to the cart corral! When DD was newborn, I usually put DS in the cart & wore DD. Or, I would put DD's carrier in the cart & DS would walk. He was 2.5 though.
  • lana22lana22
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    i alternate b/w using the city select with LO in car seat and older son in front seat (for smaller trips) or grocery cart. i'll stick the car seat in the big basket and my son in the front facing me. generally i try not to go with both if we need a lot, but i've done it both ways in the past two days and my kids are surprisingly chill. 

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