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Head control

Our son will be 4 months next week and still doesn't have total head control. I feel he may be late with this. How are the other 4 month babies with this?

I think his large head may be making it tough for him LOL
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Re: Head control

  • Ds is 16 weeks and he does great lifting it up and looking around during tummy time but he has no head control when held vertically. EI team agreed with my observations regarding head control yesterday. Ds has Down Syndrome so I am expecting delays. So far the head control part and the lack of a responsive smile are the only things he is behind even a little.

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  • DD is 3 months old and is still working on it.  She does ok when held or when I wear her, but during tummy time she still just sorta lays there.  Her head is in the 97th percentile but she's long and skinny, so I joke that she's built like a lollipop :)  My son was late to have full head/neck control but he's fine (he also has a big head)
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  • DD will be 4 months next week as well and although her head control is pretty good she doesn't have total control.  I wouldn't worry about but you could ask his pediatrician about it at his 4 month appt.  


    I read the following on Baby Center.  

    Three months to four months 

    You'll notice a definite improvement in your baby's head control by this time. She's able to raise her head up 45 degrees from the floor while lying on her tummy, and keep it steady. 

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  • My son is in the 95% for head size, he can hold it great when sit up or in the carrier, but once placed on his stomach it is a struggle for him to lift it... my poor big headed baby lol.
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