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So I'm finally in a good place with the kids as far as they both are on a good nap schedule, STTN, I'm back to feeling like I know what I'm doing, etc. DH and I agreed that if we did want a third, that #2 would need to be at least 2 before we TTC so that they are able to help/in preschool, potty trained, all that good stuff. All of this makes sense in my head, and having both under 2 is overwhelming enough for me.

I can't stop thinking about #3, it's driving me crazy. We don't even know if we want a third for sure. I can't just step back and be content with our current family life. All of our reasons make sense, but then there's nature, and hormones on the other side.

Could someone please tell me how exhausting three kids is, and how much it sucks to chase two kids and be pregnant?

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  • smerkasmerka
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    I strongly recommend having two mobile kids first before making a decision.  Mine are almost three and four and I still can't keep them from running in opposite directions.
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    I strongly recommend having two mobile kids first before making a decision.  Mine are almost three and four and I still can't keep them from running in opposite directions.

    I have to agree! We considered 3 at one point, but then our kids were both walking (running) and it was a whole different ballgame. Insanity has hit a new level.

    I'm so relieved we never got pregnant with a 3rd! I'd be committed for sure. Mine are (almost) 3 and (almost) 2 and I finally happy with just 2 kids, especially considering, like PP said, they often run in different directions. 

  • I really want a 3rd too. Sometimes I wish I 23 would be closer than they will be. 2u2 was hard but I love it now. They are almost 3.5 and almost 2. Exactly 18m apart. We are going to start TTC around October. I know it will be challenging but so much fun too!



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  • It is more tiring to be pregnant and have toddlers, than it is to have a newborn and toddlers.

    Yes, exhausting.

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  • Our plan was to have two kids 18 months apart wait a few years then have two more same age difference. I have to admit that the first 6 months after DD#2 was born all I could think about was getting pregnant with #3. Now that #2 is getting mobile I am terrified about what life is going to be like when they run opposite directions. I think we are going to wait until DD#1 is at least in preschool maybe kindergarten before having more kids. I don't think I could handle more than 2 kids at home all day. 
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  • I won't be of help, I want a fourth!!!!  I can't stop thinking about it...thing is, my youngest is 4!  So we would be taking a step WAaaaaay back.  I have an almost 8, 5 & 4 yr old.  My youngest two are 14 mos apart so it's been crazy for a few years....I am kicking myself wishing I had thought more about it sooner, but the first few years w/ the girls being so close in age was pretty crazy, but now we are settling down & into a routine & starting pre-school/Kindergarten, I'm so sad they aren't little anymore, it's a tough decision!
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