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No Pee for 10 Hours!!!

So I'm a bit worried...Chris pees like crazy during the day. However last night he slept from 9pm-6am in his crib, YAY, and when he woke up his diaper was completely dry!! I read that when babies are in a deep sleep* sometimes they dont pee but sheesh...10 hours!! He drinks about 28-30 ounces a day, a little over 18 of that is breast milk and the rest is formula. It could be dehydration but if/when he cries he has plenty of tears and like I mentioned he pees a lot throughout the day. Anyone have any pointers?

*I'm kind of freaking myself out because if he is in such a deep sleep to not pee could he stop breathing too? 

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Re: No Pee for 10 Hours!!!

  • I asked this a couple of weeks ago and actually asked the pedi about it too. She said it's kind of odd but it's not concerning as long as baby has normal pees and poops the rest of the day. DD did this for weeks and I swear at least 5 days a week - this was when she was still STTN - no pee for like 10 to 12 hours.

    ETA: she's back to having a totally pee filled diaper in the morning. 


  • Ds has done this a few times. He also eats about 35ish oz a day and pedi said as long as he has tears and pees throughout the day, it's fine. It is so weird though so expect a full diaper and it be empty!
  • I've woken up to a nearly dry diaper several times. It freaked me out at first too.. but like you and others have said DS eats plenty, pees like normal during the day, and can produce tears.
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  • I wish LO could hold it at night. I'm so tired of him leaking all the time.
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