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SAHM help me!!!

Ok first off you're amazing!! I work full time and my DD's daycare is closed these 2 weeks so I took off to stay home with her- holy moly I'm already exhausted and its just been week 1-

so my question is what can I do w DD (who is 14 months) to keep her busy!?!?!

i feel like she gets bored- we do free play most time - we take small trips to the local farm, play at the water table, take walks etc.... But she still takes 2 naps a day- so I can't really do far day trips-

what do u do w ur LO to keep them busy and entertained?  


Re: SAHM help me!!!

  • We go to the library, lunch with friends, set up a playdate or 2. I would say since your home for only 2 weeks just make the most of it, by the time you find yourself in a good rountine staying at home it will be time for you to go back to work again.
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  • We go to the gym in the morning (they love playing with the other kids in day care), we go to story time (check out y our local library and Barnes and Noble), we go to MOM's club events, zoo, splash pad, playground.....Check your local library for a local events publication (everywhere I have ever lived has had one and it is a great resource for events in the area and the library is usually where I find them).  Your area may also have a FB page which lists local events for kids.  We have gone to a few events that I have found through those means - kiddie carnivals, berry picking (DS loved helping put the berries and dandelions in our basket), fairs, library events, farmers markets, etc.  

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  • Pick 1 activity per day. We do a play date, park, walk, or even errands. Anything to get fresh air. Just change up then scenery but don't do too much in one day or you'll be exhausted.
  • I like to bake so I include DS in that, he loves it.  We also color or paint, read books.  I try to take him to parks or go hiking, he loves being outside so we are out pretty much all day and he likes just to walk around and explore.  We went strawberry picking twice and then made strawberry bread with it.  I do things I need to and include him, he loves to help me plant and wonder the flowers too.
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  • We go to the zoo, take walks, go to the pool, visit family and friends, play dates. What ever sounds fun to do that day. 
  • Your 14 month old is not bored, trust me.  It sounds like you are doing lots of wonderful things.  I let DS do free play for a large portion of his day, and I only play interactively with him for a fraction of that time because I have things I need to do to keep the household running and myself healthy. 

    The most important thing is to maintain a routine.  Ours is something like: wake, change, breakfast, free play and laundry (he likes to help), juice, run an errand/go for a walk/have a playdate/etc., lunch, nap, free play, snack, run an errand/go for a walk/have a playdate/etc., watch PBS Kids while I make dinner, eat dinner, free play/something more organized some days like watching DH play softball, snack, bed time.  He doesn't get bored, and the routine has really cut back on crankiness.

    ETA: I disagree with PP who said not to worry about the routine.  Kids need structure.  It doesn't matter what you pick for a routine, just as long as you have one.  Maybe do free play in the morning, an outing between naps, and an outing after the second nap to break up the day.

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  • We mostly do free-play and then things as they come up. Some days we don't leave the house and some days we are gone all day. We still do two naps as well. We do have a loose routine (Wake, breakfast, play, snack, nap, lunch, play, snack, nap, snack, play, dinner, sometimes play and then bed).

    On days where we are at home he usually plays with his toys and I sometimes play with him and sometimes do chores. He also likes to "help" me with chores, aka throw my folded laundry on the floor and walk through my sweeping piles. We also play in the back yard. 

    On days where we go out we run errands, go to the park, go to a play date, go to the mall (they have a nice play area), etc. Sometimes we go to the zoo, indoor playgrounds, children's museum, etc, but only once a week or every two weeks. We live near Seattle so most of the time the weather isn't good for doing outdoor activities. 

    But seriously, most of the time he is happy just to play with his toys and play with me. 

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  • Thanks ladies!!!!

    i guess free play isn't bad then- I felt like I always had to have an activity-

    and I love the suggestion about the library- I totally will check that out and I did set up some play dates so that will be fun- the weather doesn't look to good for next week-  

  • We have a different activity everyday in the mornings. Dance class and grocery store, swim lessons, playgroup, swim lessons and storytime, gumnastics. That keeps is busy until lunch. Then we are home and play inside or outside. Then nap, and shortly after that is dinner. Then we do more inside play before bed.
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