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How about you?

I'm 25 weeks today and feel sporadic movement throught the day. I know you don't start to kick count for a few more weeks, but I don't feel 10 an hour that is for sure. What about others? I also only feel movement low down too

Re: How about you?

  • I'm 23w1d and I feel movement at least once a day usually at night. Depends how active I am. If i'm sittin on the couch right after eating then he's way more active. I might just notice it easier.

    I feel it all over I guess. I think I have a lot of sugar (oopsie) which makes him bounce all over the place.

    It's still really early so if I only feel a few kicks a day i'm not worried 

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  • I feel kicks, hiccups, punches, and balling up/rolling. I'll be 26 Weeks on Monday. It's weird because DD1 barely moved so this is a new feeling for me. I also feel the movement both low and high, but this baby is breech and I have a short torso.

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  • I'll be 25 weeks Sunday and I still feel really sporadic movement. I feel it in 3 main places though. Down really low, about an inch above and to the right of my belly button and then in my ribcage. I can't wait till I'm far enough along to do kick counts though. My BF only just felt him move about 4 days ago!
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  • I sometimes count the kicks anyway. But baby boy kicks almost all the time. Though, there are times when I am more active that he doesn't move as much.


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  • I was late to the party since I have an anterior placenta.  I am just now feeling him every day (At 26 weeks)  I mostly feel movement below my belly button or to the right and left of it.  It's still thumps and flutters but I will occasionally feel a kick.  My DH just felt a mini kick for the first time yesterday right around my belly button.  I usually feel him during the day at work while I'm sitting at my desk.  He's quiet at night. 
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  • I also have an anterior placenta so that restricts where and how often I feel movement.

    And may be the only one who did not have to do kick counts. My OB never mentioned them with DS.

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  • I definitely don't feel 10 an hour, every hour of every day either.  Unless I am misunderstanding, I don't think kick counts mean you have to feel that many every hour of every day.  I asked my doctor about kick counts at my last appointment.  He said you don't start them until 28 weeks and you really only need to do them if you haven't felt baby move much in a few hours and you are concerned.  Then you should theoretically be able to get them to move that much if you drink something cold and lie on your side.  Babies sleep in there too, so it's not like they are moving around 24/7.  And like other posters said, the more active I am the less I feel it.  
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