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Boob woes

I started off pre-pregnancy at a 36A, pretty sad and pittiful...then i worked up to 36B...then 36C...and now left boob seems to be racing ahead and getting all creased from my bra and is need of new support...unlike my right one. Ugh annoyance at wonky boobs!!

Re: Boob woes

  • Yup, wonky boobs here too.  Left one definitely in the lead. 
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  • I think mine are shrinking... This is a problem.
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  • My right one is bigger than the left but not by much. My band size has increased more than my cup size though. It makes me sad. My mom had me do a turn yesterday, shook her head and said "Yup you're pregnant everywhere!" Thanks mom. Really.
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  • Perhaps someone has an old wives tale of "if your left boob is bigger it means you're having a dinosaur" or something...

  • I started out at a 34 C and my right boob was slightly bigger. Now I'm about a 34 to 36 DD. They are almost the same size but now my left boob is riddled with horrible red stretch marks...I can't look at them anymore


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    My band size has increased more than my cup size though.


    Yep I invested in some of those bra expanders from Amazon to help with this!!

  • I finally decided today that I need to invest in some wireless maternity/nursing bras.  My boobs haven't gotten too much bigger, but I was big enough to begin with (36DD).  The issue now is that, because I'm so short-waisted, my belly sits so high that there isn't any room between belly & boobs so the underwire of my bras is getting squeezed in the crease and is very uncomfortable anytime I sit down or lean forward.  I plan to get a few to last me through the rest of my pregnancy and then wait to see how much bigger I get once LO is born and I start nursing.  I have sports bras for sleeping and lounging at home but need regular ones for work and real clothes.

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  • At least you have one growing.  Mine have not grown. at. all.
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    At least you have one growing. nbsp;Mine have not grown. at. all.

    This. I'm sad

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    At least you have one growing. nbsp;Mine have not grown. at. all.

    This is pretty much me too.. Started out not really fitting into a 32A... Now I fit my 32A a little better, but not all the way. I just want to get to at least a B.
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