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Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever look at your ex and wonder how the hell you ever loved them in the first places?!?! My ex just continues to get worse since I left and I am amazed. He was never a great husband but because of his childhood I thought he would be a good dad. Not the case. After a trip a few months ago and him meeting my bf he has decided he wants nothing to do with my son and continues to Pester me about letting him give up his rights. I know this is only so he won't have to pay child support but its soooo annoying. He blames me for all our problems but is having the same problems in his new relationship. Thankfully at the moment he lives 2 states away. How do you keep yourself from blowing up every time you talk to your ex cuz it's getting harder and harder for me?

Re: Do you ever wonder?

  • I have no idea.  Typically when my XH calls/messages he starts laying into me because I am the evil B**** that broke his heart.  He refuses to pay CS; but I'm not sure he'd be willing to sign his rights even if I asked.


    You aren't alone though, and I wish you luck!! 

  • haha yup..i try not talking to mine. I always end up hurt and crying every time I do. :(
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  • Looking back I definitely have these thoughts and I dread his texts or calls because of how irritating it is just speaking to him. Recently his new gf texted me because they got in a fight and said if I want him I can have him back! I said oh no sweetheart he is all yours now! Speaking to him drives me nuts because of the dumb things that spew out of his mouth but I have learned to not let it bother me. Someone told me before don't allow someone else to control how you behave....this has stuck with me especially when having to deal with him. I try not to blow up on him even though its what I would love to do but it will just keep happening because they aren't gonna change.
  • I can remain rational with my ex because every single day I thank the universe for my son AND the fact I'm no longer with that idiot. And without him I wouldn't have my son. If I had a way right now to go back and undo either of the two relationships that led to my boys in order to spare myself the pain I would not do it. Once I recognized that I let everything else go, minus the occasional vent because he really is an idiot and I'm not a saint!

    But your post made me sad that he'd just give up his kid like that. I'd want to yell at him, too.
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  • I know why I liked my ds biodad. There wasnt anything to dislike. Until I got pregnant and he decided he wanred nothing to do with ds.

    I'm not saying I'd give him another chance or jump back into bed with him. I have a wonderful bf who loves mt son like his own.

    But if my ds bio dad ever wanted to be involved I would give him the bennifit of the doubt. But i dont see him wanting to be there for ds in this lifetime
  • Isn't this true for every relationship that ends?

    He is a great dad but I also have a hard time to remember why I liked him in the first place.  

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