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RnP to Crib

DS has been sleeping in his RnP since 2 weeks old and has been STTN since 9 weeks. For the last month or two he would sleep swaddled in the RnP from about 9 to 9 with having to put the paci in once or twice, usually around 7.

Just 2 days ago he got too wiggly to sleep in the RnP and we were forced to switch to the crib and arms out swaddle, he's been sleeping this way for naps for over a month.

He is sleeping horribly now, waking up at midnight and then constantly until he gets up for the morning. He wakes up, wants his paci and goes back to sleep for anywhere between 10 minutes and 2 hours.

Here's my question, to those of you who have made the transition, is it just a phase or is there something different I should be doing beside putting in the paci all night.


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Re: RnP to Crib

  • I have no clue, I still put the paci in numerous times some nights. I think we either do that, or wean from the paci entirely.  I don't want to do that, she loves it too much so I'm just looking forward to the day she is able to look for it and put it back in her mouth herself! 
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  • I don't think I'm much help, DS was only swaddled for about four weeks...he HATED it and he won't take a pacifier either. It was three nights of hell and then magically he got it and went back to STTN in his crib. 

    We do baby pearl jam and baby weezer on an iPod all night and he has an A&A security blanket he uses to sooth himself. It works good for us! 

    Hang in there! 

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  • We only swaddled for a couple of weeks but we did use the RnP until about 3 weeks ago.  She wants to be a side sleeper and was trying to do that in the RnP with her legs hanging out the bottom at the knees.  It was not working anymore. 

    She's in the PnP now and seems to like the space but does wake herself up a lot wiggling.  Here's what has helped us (keep in mind we are NOT STTN so take it with a grain of salt):

    Try a lovey. We have a light weight stuffed animal one that she likes to hold near her face.  I don't know why but it helps her stay asleep. 

    Put the baby in right in the middle so she doesn't get distracted by the textures of things she might touch (DD loves to scratch the mesh on the side of the PnP and stay awake. She also likes to push off the railings in her crib).  She also wakes up if she scoots to the bottom and can touch it with her feet.

    Just stick with it.  She is doing much better in it now and only waking up twice a night (just like in the RnP).  When we first started, it was lots and lots of wake ups and crying.    


  • Thank you all for the advice. I've been cautious about blankets while sleeping but we have the AA swaddles so I'll try that out.

    He loves his paci so much and I really don't mind waking up a few times a night I just would prefer not to wake up 15 times a night.

    Also, what do your LO's sleep in?
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  • Chris was in his RnP from 5-6 weeks up until he was one week shy of 5 months!! I think he a great job going from the RnP to the crib! The first night he STTN and every other night he may wake up once or twice. When he's woken up at 2am I feed him in his room then put him back in the crib. If he wakes up anytime after 4am I just put him in the bed with us and breastfeed him back to sleep, I look forward to this everyday now that I'm back to work.
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