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Dear Sandman

I would like some extra sand so that I can sleep some more. ::mobile sad face:: I am so friggin tired. DH and I actually went to bed at a decent time. But I was up every hour, sometimes twice either trying to readjust or go to the bathroom. Sometime around 4, my Jack Russell gets up and walks around, I could hear his collar making noise. Then that jerk starts vomiting! Seriously? This is why I tell DH not to let him eat before bed.... Waking up at 7 was horrible, DH was making too much noise getting ready for work and my body is stiff and sore. It's going to be one of those days...


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Re: Dear Sandman

  • sorry, hope it gets better!
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  • I think the sandman decided he didn't like us anymore! Hope he comes to visit you tonight!
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