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Moms of toddlers..... Potty training ?

Would you/did you use a reward system every time your child used the potty?


A few days ago dd used the potty all day, she asked.  Now she wants nothing to do with it, and I don't know what to do. 

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Re: Moms of toddlers..... Potty training ?

  • We typically don't do bribes/food rewards, but we did with potty training. We used chocolate covered raisins. At first we gave a treat each time he went. Then just when he asked. Eventually he forgot. We had little dollar store prizes for poops (little toy cars, magnetic letters, play doh, etc.). Also, if your toddler is into stickers, those work well too. DS didn't really care much about stickers, so they didn't really motivate him.
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  • I'll admit it: we used bribery.  But it worked.  We let him have a chocolate chip each time he went.  It's not great, but IMO it's better than M&Ms (no food dyes).
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  • So after I posted, she asked to use the potty. But later she acted like she needed to pee, and didn't want t to use the potty so I tried to bribe her with a cookie. She never went, a few minutes later she peed in the high chair.

    So at least I can tell when she needs to go, but she is still so hesitant it makes me wonder if she is ready.
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  • We're hoping to take the plunge next weekend. I've said that at least 4 times, though, and then have put it off for one reason or another. I haven't planned on using bribes just because the book I read discourages them, but I admit that I may use them anyway. I'll have to think of something small that would work.

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  • We rewarded our DD with 4 mini M&Ms each time.  Seriously - she was psyched about 4 tiny M&Ms.  After a while, she stopped asking for them.  It was that, and the excitement of her Minnie Mouse big girl underwear Big Smile
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  • I used a reward chart, each time DS went he got to put a sticker on the chart. Every time he got 5 stickers he got a treat, usually a few m&m's or something of the sort. He got the going number 1 part very quickly. Number 2 was a different issue, I ended up giving him a treat when he would even sit down to try (he was very resistant for some reason), and when he actually went he got a new matchbox car. I bought a 5 pack of cars for $4 and after those were gone he had the hang of it and we were all done with rewards.  

    I will say this, I initially tried PT when he was about 2.5 and it just wasn't clicking, so I gave it up and revisited a few months later. It was like working with a different child and he was going number 1 with no accidents in just a few days!  

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  • We are using two strategies right now with DS1.  I don't know if these fly in the face of what 's really recommended but it's working for us.

     1. He has a special toy that he is only allowed to play with while on the potty. 

    2. If he pees on the potty, he gets two mini m&ms.  If he poops, he gets 5 mini m&ms.  i may have created an m&m monster.

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    We didn't use any rewards, just high fives and fist bumps. Did the three day method with great success, she was so ready and still in the eager to please us phase so we got lucky.

    Good luck!
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