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I usually lurk but (NBR but sad)

My dog was hit by a car today and I just feel like crap. She was only three years old and we loved her so much, she was very much a member of our family. She was a wonderful dog and we miss her so much! Were going to take her into the mountains and bury her tomorrow. My husband who is the most stoic person I know sobbed with me on the couch. I will never be able to un-see that horrific event. She just darted out into a busy road right in front of a pick up truck. The lady never saw her and never could have, I feel so bad for this woman. She was so nice and I made sure she knew that I didn't blame her or anything but it just sucks because I know it probably ruined her day. 

I realize this is random but I just needed to put it out there, putting it down in writing it makes it seem more real. I know she is now in a better place where she can run all the time and there are no cars and plenty of pheasants, but I still wish she was here with us. I am so thankful though that Sonia isn't old enough to understand what happened today. Seeing her chubby 7 month old self blissfully ignorant of this sad thing made me feel better.

I love you Betsy dog, rest in peace pup pup.

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Re: I usually lurk but (NBR but sad)

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