Cloth Diapering

replacing aplix and velcro

I bought some bg 4.0's today, 5 for 16. They we're in GUC but the velcro and elastic needed to be replaced. I have a little sewing experience and a machine so I figured no biggy. Extra bonus I live in vancouver wa so cotton babies has the refresher kits in stock there. Online they won't be available until the 8th. : I got them home and managed to get one diaper done. Replacing the tabs was the easy part but the velcro was a pain. Its such a small area to sew and so thick! I tried doing it by hand but broke the needle. Any tips or suggestions? Also any tips on replacing the front strip of velcro? I watched one video and it looks like I have to open the top of the diaper up. Like I said very little sewing experience so any resources that have been handy for you would be great! TIA
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