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Rock n play to crib transition

So when LO is 8 weeks old our pediatrician said it will be a good time to start having LO sleep in his crib if we feel ready. He has been sleeping in his rock n play in our room. Tonight we did a trial run and it was an epic fail. Poor little guy cried his eyes out and as soon as we put him in his RNP he was out like a light. I'm wondering what other moms are planning on doing or have done. I was thinking of buying a boppy lounger to put in his crib since it will feel similar to his RNP but I've read mixed reviews. So i suppose this is a 2 part question. Has anyone used the lounger? If so for what? Any advise would be great, thank you!

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Re: Rock n play to crib transition

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    I don't have the specific Boppy Lounger, but LO does sometimes sleep in his crib in a nursing pillow. He sometimes has reflux that interrupts his sleep, so we try to prop him up either by elevating one end of the bassinet pad or by putting the nursing pillow in his crib.

    He really does well with the nursing pillow, and I'd imagine that the Boppy Lounger provides better back support. The only problem that we've run into is keeping LO from sliding down during the night. That and it's a little more hot because of all the extra cushion.
  • We have the boppy lounger. We use it for supervised naps because she does slide down it :especially if she does a lot of kicking:. It is not as angled as the rock n play which I like, but it does have a slight incline.

    We are also trying to transition LO to her crib. We are starting to put her in there for a little during nap time. She has only lasted about 30min. It is going to take some time to get her used to it. Boooo

  • I have two boppy newborn loungers. We use them primarily for simultaneous bottle feedings [one baby on each lounger]. I would not let them sleep on the loungers unattended. The loungers have a warning label advising against sleeping on them [alrhough personally I would let them nap supervised; they just have a tendency to slide down them like PP suggested and they could also roll off].

    We will also be transitioning from RnPs to cribs soon; our girls are 9 weeks. My plan was to start with nap time first. Good luck!
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  • I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to let babies sleep on the boppy unsupervised due to a risk of suffocation. DD is still in the rnp and I'm not sure when we'll get her in the crib as she doesn't want to sleep in it. We put a wedge under the mattress but it hasn't helped. Good luck!
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  • Just a cautionary tale... My brother and SIL used to let my niece sleep on the boppy lounger in her crib all night and for naps. I was at their house once and found her in it, slid all the way down with her head at a funny angle, and both arms trapped under the pillow. She was okay, but it was scary to see.

    Edit I have the products mixed up. They didnt use a boppy lounger, but had some sort of strap that went on a regular boppy pillow and was supposed to hold her up in it.
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    M is still sleeping in the RnP next to our bed. I think after we are done traveling for the 4th of July holiday we are going to try to transition to his Pack n Play in our bedroom. We want to co-sleep for at least 6 months, so I think he will stay there until the fall when we will put him in his crib in his room (right now his crib is just an expensive clean laundry holder, and I can't wait until we use it for its purpose, ha!)
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    Do you have a pack n play or a bassinet that your baby can sleep in in your room? Maybe get him used to sleeping flat for a week right next to you and then transition him into his crib.
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  • Thanks for the replies ladies! I definitely won't be purchasing the lounger for bed time. I think I'll go ahead and try putting him in the pack n play for now and see how he does.

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  • We're also gearing up for this transition.  We moved his RNP into his nursery at 6 weeks and so far he's doing really well in his own room.  I think his crib issues are from laying flat but I've been putting him in it more for naps (so far about 45-55 minutes is the most I can get but he's not a huge napper anyway).  I'm wondering if he is having issues because I don't swaddle for naps and he sleeps in a Woombie at night.  We might try starting him out in the crib in his Woombie and see how that goes.  It just sucks because he LOVES the RNP and sleeps awesomely in it.  I go to the pedi today and I'm going to see if he has any recommendations and I'll update if so.  
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  • I would never use anything in the crib that could increase the risk of SIDS...
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