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What am I getting myself into?

My SO's parents rented a cabin in NH for the week starting Sunday. We will be heading up for the 4th and will be there wed til sat. So this cottage will include his parents who I get along with but his mother drinks a bit too much, says anything she wants and is so judgmental about how I raise the twins. Then also going up are his older brother, his girlfriend who is a bit annoying and their 2 kids who fight constantly and don't listen to anything their parents say. Their 6 year old is so loud and when we ask him not to scream because he's going to wake up the babies he seems to scream louder. Oh and it's supposed to rain all week so we will probably be stuck inside.
Why oh why did I agree to this lol. Anyone have fun plans for the 4th?

Re: What am I getting myself into?

  • Sorry ..try and have a good time make it your mission! 


    We are flying to see family for 8 days! I am very excited they last saw baby g at 2 months. Seattle here we come watch out. We will be going crabbing and clamming Yummy! And the weather is actually supposed to be quite lovely. It will be nice to get away from 103 degree weather here and actually get to have fireworks. 

  •  Our holiday is the 1st and my birthday is Saturday. Going to go out for dinner at winery nearby Saturday, work on our fence, spend quality time with DS and DH.  On the 4th DH might take off work too, since DS will be in swimming lessons in the morning and we have tix for the blue jays game that night.
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  • A couple weeks ago we went on a "vacation" with DH's whole family, too, and I was so stressed leading up to it that I was getting sick. It ended up not being as bad as I had feared, although if his parents had tried to plan us all sleeping in one cabin (we were at a hotel and each family had their own room), I think I really would have gone nuts. Good luck.

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  • We are doing something very similar to you, though V will be the only kid. My sister and brother are each bringing their dogs and we have to bring our sick cat though so it will be 11 people, 3 dogs, 2 cats and baby V. Fingers crossed for you that you have fun!
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  • I'm also heading for a cottage for a week with DH's family.  7 adults and 4 kids all under 4 and only 5 rooms...should be interesting! lol
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