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I know it's way early but...

With my first I just knew she was a girl before my 20wk ultrasound. I can't remember when I realized it, but I just knew.

With this one I keep thinking of it as a boy. Anyone else have an inkling, even if you're team green? It'll be interesting to see how/if our thoughts change over the next 8 months.
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Re: Gender

  • First time around, this is how I broke the BFP news to my husband: "OMG OMG OMG, there's a baby in there!  It's a girl, btw, so get ready...OMG OMG OMG!"  I just knew immediately that it was a girl, and I was right.  This time around, he looked at me expectantly and...nothing.  I don't really have a strong feeling either way, although I am leaning towards it being a boy.  We'll be finding out ASAP, haha!
  • I knew immediately it was a boy with DS, before I knew I was pregnant. Same this time around, its a boy!
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  • I vote boy.  I've had dreams.  We will see!  Attempting for team green.  Was sabotaged last time, doc told us we were expecting a little pink.  OOPS.  
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  • I'm glad it's not just me! My DH thinks I'm crazy but I swear it's a boy.
  • I don't have strong feelings on gender. I had a dream it's a boy, but who knows.

    I also have an inkling it's twins. I am probably just crazy, but before this cycle, I thought I'd have twins. Then when I went in for my ultrasound, I had two strong follicles.
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  • I knew from the beginning of my first pregnancy that DS was going to be a boy. I even had dreams about it. Lol This time around I don't have any inkling what so ever. I'm really liking the idea of being team green but I'm such a control freak that I don't think I'd last the whole pregnancy without finding out the sex.
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  • I'm also thinking it's a boy- I don't know why, but that's what I'm guessing. I'll be happy either way, but we are definitely finding out. I'm definitely a planner, so I don't think I could wait a whole pregnancy not knowing.
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  • I had a dream with DD that it was a girl. 

    This time around, no dreams yet, but I keep saying "he" and my senses keep telling me it's a boy. Who knows! 

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