Selective IUGR Update

Had an appointment with my MFM today and doppler showed intermittent absent end diastolic flow to baby B. Basically when my heart pumps, he is getting flow but it is inconsistent. I guess the good news is that there is no sign of reverse flow yet. MFM says just because the situation worsened in the last two weeks doesn't mean that it will necessarily continue to get worse so I guess we just hope for the best at this point. I would feel a lot better if I was just a few weeks further along (I'm 24.5). They refused to do growth measurements since they just did two weeks ago, maybe that's for the best. A good report would have made me feel better but a bad one would have me even more worried. 

I go back next week and they may start steroid shots.My shower is this weekend and I'm just hoping I can keep it together.

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Re: Selective IUGR Update

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