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My LO is 9 1/2 weeks old and I EBF her. She's gaining weight at a healthy weight but I feel like she could eat all the time. I am worried I am not supplying her with enough. She STTN and in the morning I have to pump a little because I am so engorged she can't latch but the rest of the day after that first feeding I feel like she could just always eat?!

Any ideas how I know when enough milk for her is enough?

Re: Enough?

  • If she's gaining weight and you are still getting a bunch of wet diapers from her then she should be getting enough.

    Its hard not knowing how much they're actually eating but as long as my baby keeps peeing and pooping I know he's getting enough. Sometimes he "cluster" or "comfort" eats. Like just now. He was on my boob for a half hour, then 20 mins and wanted to be put on again and again and again. He had enough to eat but he just wants more and more. Either he's going through a growth spurt or he just wants the comfort... Like a human paci; bonding with mom.

    How often do u feed her? Do you just feed on demand? How long are you keeping her on for each feed?  Do you do 1 boob per feed or switch?


  • If she's gaining weight and STTN, then she NEEDS To eat all the time when she's awake - it's rare for a 2 month old to STTN. 

    If her weight gain is good, let her eat on demand.

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  • This was DS at this age.  I remember my SIL who is a pedi staying with us and saying, "You seem to feed him a lot".  I approached my own pedi about it and she said that if he was STTN as he was then he needed to eat often.  
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    yeah if baby is STTN 8 hours, then they have to get in their about 10 feedings a day they need in only 16 hours they are awake--which means they are eating every hour and a half.  It's normal to be full in the am and not have that fullness during the day as your supply regulates.


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