BF'ing laying down

With DS I always got up out of bed in the middle of the night to nurse sitting in a rocking chair. Because of that I got next to no sleep. This time around I'm going to need to sleep more than I did last time so I will likely be cosleeping at least most of the night so I can nurse laying down. With DS, I didn't even attempt nursing laying down until he was much older. My question is, is a newborn able to be nursed laying down, or do you have to wait until a certain point when they are old enough?
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Re: BF'ing laying down

  • At night I HAVE to feed my newborn lying down. But with me lying down and him on top of me. My letdown is so intense he chokes and we both get covered in milk if I don't at least lean back...

    Not sure if that's the lying down you mean though
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  • I have only had  Csections. Side lying feedings we very painful for me but I did a few right from the start at the hospital. When my babies were first born I needed to help them latch and usually hold my boob for them. I would say by about 4 weeks there was nothing to it, so easy.  
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  • We've been nursing laying down since probably 1 month - he's 5 months now and that's the only way I nurse him, I love it since I get a little more sleep this way.


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  • I tried side lying in the hospital with no luck, he couldn't find the nipple himself. I tried it again at home at about 3 weeks of age when I noticed he could latch and unlatch himself and it was successful and relaxing. I usually do it now when I want to nurse him to sleep, or when like a the PP said I am too full and he gets to much milk.

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  • its perfectly fine as long as you're comfortable.
  • I've done this with DD since she was a few weeks old. My only issues is that she gets lazy and leaks milk out, so I keep a towel under us so that I don't soak the mattress.

  • We figured it out reliably at 3-4 weeks. Ditto PP who said keep a towel under you.

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  • I started side-lying breastfeeding when DS was 4 days old.

    The important thing is to make a baby-safe space if you're planning on bed sharing. It was a life saver for me last time.

  • I did it from the very beginning with both of mine.
  • I can't remember how early we started but it wasn't until I figured out to use the top breast to nurse from that it really worked side lying (using the top one works if they are big but I don't think it's an option if they're smaller)

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  • I was sometimes able to do it in the hospital bed.  I had to get creative with how the bed was angled and pillows. 
  • It took me a while to master it, probably until she was about 6 weeks old. Now we only nurse lying down at night and before bed, she does leave a puddle as she is falling asleep.
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