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Favorite diaper cream?

What's your favorite diaper cream?

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Re: Favorite diaper cream?

  • With DS1 we tried everything the drugstore offered desitin, beaudreauxs butt paste, everything in that aisle! and it would just make his rash worse because he had ultra sensitive skin. I wound up changing his diaper really often and letting him go naked a bit each day and that really helped.

    This time around I am cloth diapering and received a sample of CJ's BUTTer. It is awesome! I just ordered some the other day and am anxiously awaiting my shipment. You can also use it on dry ski, excema, cradle cap, all kinds of stuff. The scents are great. I ordered some for myself to use on my cuticles :


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  • We used to use triple paste because I heard it was the best... It was expensive, too. However, LO ended up with horrible diaper rash (like little open blisters) despite using triple paste at every diaper change. Then we tried Vaseline at the rec of his pediatrician... It helped some, but the rash was still there. After it had been over a week, I found some Burt's Bees diaper cream in a gift basket and started using that... Worked like a charm! Within a day he was soooo much better. Now we only use Burt's Bees diaper cream.

    if you're having diaper rash troubles, a couple other things to keep in mind:

    find unscented wipes,preferably for sensitive skin, or even use a washcloth and water to wipe. Be sure after you wipe baby's bottom to dry it off before putting the diaper cream on. And, like a pp mentioned, letting baby hang out naked for a little while each day (preferably on a towel to protect your floor!) helps as well.



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  • I was able to use Desitin for my older two, but it did nothing for DS. I use Aquaphor or vaseline and they have worked wonders.

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  • Aveeno barrier cream and for when she gets diaper rash I swear by earth mama angel baby diaper rash ointment. I even used it on her cradle cap and it went away. Also in a pinch I use olive oil as a barrier cream at night.

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  • Hands down Earth Angel Mama Baby Bottom Balm !



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    DS had terrible diaper rash in the NICU, I'm talking bright red, bleeding, the works.  The put desitin on, A&D and a special prescription (not all at the same time lol).  Nothing worked.  When he came home we started using Aquaphor, and it cleared up right away!  (Although I think when he was in the NICU he was only changed every 3 hours, so he sat in a dirty diaper longer than he does at home, so that may have had something to do with it!) 

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  • AD all the way!
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  • We use A&D at every diaper change.
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  • For prevention: Buttpaste
    For treatment of diaper rash: combo Buttpaste and A&D: Treat plus vaseline

    You have to find out what works for your LO. 
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  • Grovia magic stick for slight irritation.

    For the teething diarrhea, we used a super awesome cream that my husband's cousin gave us. She works in a compounding pharmacy. I don't even know what's in it but it's the only thing that worked on his literally bloody and raw butt.
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  • image bdcram:
    We use Aamp;D at every diaper change.

  • Burts bees diaper cream. I love it!
  • Another vote for Burt's Bees diaper cream! It is amazing!
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  • For everyday use, I have a homemade concoction (its basically CJ Butter) for our cloth, but when I need to break out the big guns, we use liners in the diapers and break out the Triple Paste.

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  • I have been using products by Baby Ganics for diaper rash. I change her diaper pretty often to so i think that helps. Also, i havent tried it yet but i heard that coconut oil works wonders. I used it on her body as a lotion and it worked like a charm
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