Natural Birth

not so bad!

The purpose of this post is to encourage all of you planning to go natural! I had a lot of plans to not take any medication, wait as long as possible to go to the hospital etc.. when I lost my baby at 37 weeks my plans changed. The dr put me on pitocen at around 2pm and by 6 my little angel was born, although honestly I couldn't believe it had even been that long! The horror stories people had told me about being induce and having breach babies, which she was, combined with the fact that she was dead had me firmly planning on an epidural and my dr strongly encouraged it. The thing is, only for about 5 minutes was the pain strong enough that I needed one and by that time it was so close I decided against it! I am so glad I did too because if I had been numb it would have jeopardized my health (my cousin has suffered migraines for months due to a epi gone wrong) as well as my only few hrs with Felicity and the pictures we got!  

PS. I didn't scream and moan like in the movies I just said ouch a lot ... lol  

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