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Baby Carriers-- ahhh!

I feel like I've spent so much money trying to find a baby carrier I like.  First I had that k'tan.  She liked it as a newborn, but now at 3 months fusses all the time in it.  Then I got an Ergo thinking it would be magic. Again, she fusses in it, it's bulky, and doesn't support her head.  Then someone suggested the Infantino that's only like $30.  She fussed in that too, and it didn't support her head, but it's less bulky.  Now I'm looking at getting a Baby Hawk because it looks like it is not bulky AND has better head support for our baby.  I feel like I am wasting so much money!!
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Re: Baby Carriers-- ahhh!

  • Eh. If I was you, I'd say screw it, carriers don't work for us. Seems like a waste of money. I wanted to carry my son in a carrier. I've tried several. He hates them all. Some babies just don't like to be worn.

    There are baby carrier trade/try-out groups in some areas, but if you're not in a big city, you likely won't find one in your area. Paxbaby does some loaners, but you're going to put money out for the loaner, and then if you like it, have to pay for the actual carrier.  

  • I have a kinderpack. This is like an ergo, only no insert needed and little babies can be feet out. I also have a woven wrap that could be good for you. It took my son a little time to like being worn. Now he loves it and sleeps when I wear him.
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    Yikes!  Do you have either a baby wearing group near you where you can go and try out other mom's carriers while there or a pro baby wearing store that does loaner carriers? 

    I was given a mei tai when baby was born and loved it for first 2.5months.  I then wanted a soft structured carrier with a good hip belt.  I thought ergo but when I trialed it for 3 days soon realized it was not for me or for baby.  I ended up with a manduca carrier and LOVE it.  It has a learning curve as it can be adjusted in so many spot...but that makes it fit perfectly.  It supports the head better than an ergo, has an extendable body for when baby grows and has a built in infant holder so no extra purchase. 

    I would suggest finding a way to try them out before buying them but don't give up yet!  Oh, remember that the carrier should only go up to the baby's ears.  If it goes any higher it hits the baby's reflex on rounded part of head that causes the baby to push back and makes it look like baby hates the carrier and wants out! 


  • I really wanted to be a mom that wore my baby.  DS hated it until he was 7 or 8 months old.  DD does like it, but my back is so weak from pregnancy and injuries, that I just use the stroller.  I have two a baby bjorn and a maya ring sling.  I would have liked to buy the ergo, but I couldn't see buying another carrier that I won't use all that much.  Now that some people say there are things they don't like about it, then I don't feel so bad for not getting it.
  • We've used the baby bjorn for both of our daughters, and they both loved it.  When their necks are stronger (around 4 months) they can go onward facing which I find babie love because they can look around and watch things.  Keeps them entertained.  Also, when they start teething they can chew on the front flap.  
  • I have a Beco and both kids have loved it.  It's not bulky at all, imo.
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  • You're not alone.  DD hates carriers.  I think she's hot natured and finds being so close to me or my husband too warm.
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