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Good Morning Ladies!

  I'm sure that you get this all the time.  (Sorry!)  I've did a quick scan and didn't see anything immediately.  Feel free to just re-direct me if that's easier!

  So I'm currently expecting my 3rd.  My first two are quite a bit older (age 7 and 5).  Since they were little I've definitely become more interested in going green.  This time around, I'm interested in cloth diapering but I'm a complete newbie!  I'm not due until December so I've got plenty of time to play with.

So my questions....  How do you get started?  I know next to nothing about cloth diapers other than that there seem to be a zillion.  Good brands?  How many do I need to get started?  

Is this a real pain?  or definitely doable?  I'm willing to go to a bit of trouble, but I do have to talk my husband into this....  (Not so interested in going green but he is generally pretty agreeable.  So far only the elimination of kleenex in favor of handkerchiefs has been the only sticking point!)

Do you have websites or books to recommend?   


Any help would be appreciated!!!!   I definitely want to get on this while I feel motivated... You know long before the first 2;30am diaper change!  Thanks so much Ladies! 


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