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Anyone giving LO probiotics? If so can you see a difference in LO? Did pedi suggest taking them?

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  • I give DD Culturelle daily. The pedi suggested it a few weeks back because her gas was so smelly. We bought the kids kind that comes in little packets of powder. I divide each packet into three and she gets a little each day in a 23oz bottle. If I miss a day, the next day she has smelly gas. The only thing off I notice is that her BMs are not the yellowy mustard color more a light brown but still a loose consistency.

    I totally believe it works for her.
  • I take them myself and they get to DS through the milk. However if he seems to have a stomachache, I will give him an expressed bottle and open a capsule of probiotics and put it in there. Works well. My chiro suggested both.
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  • we started using the culturelle kids. (fyi, theres a coupon on coupons.com and/or their website for $5.00 off.) i found some at our local health food store that were cheaper and more cultures. we did see a difference. hes not as gassy and the gas doesnt hurt or make him uncomfortable. the pedi didnt suggest using them but when i asked if we could she had no issues with it. 
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  • I take align myself and DS gets them that way


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  • I also take one daily, but that didn't seem to be enough for DD.
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