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BF and supply

To all the ladies who think that their supply gets better when they eat like crap. My GF was an EPer with both her kids. She said she pumped significantly more when she ate like crap. Her words: I just had to be fat when I was feeding my kids. I know I feel a difference, am fuller, and leak more, but she could actually see the difference since she was pumping and knew how much she was making.
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Re: BF and supply

  • I didn't feel this way with DS1 but definitely do with DS2.  It sucks because after almost 3.5 yrs of pregnancy/nursing with little break in between, I'm so ready to be back to a more normal weight.  But when I cut back on calories, I definitely see it in my pumping sessions. 

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  • My supply tanked when I wasn't eating enough. I really have to make sure I don't let much time go by between meals and if it's more than like 3 hours since my last meal, I need to eat a snack. I feel like a glutton eating all the time, sometimes when I'm not even hungry, but I have to as long as I'm nursing!
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  • I'm convinced that's what's going on with me. I guess the weight loss will have to wait. :
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    I'm convinced that's what's going on with me. I guess the weight loss will have to wait. :


    It's a little easier for me to deal with this time knowing that I was able to drop the weight pretty easily the last time after I quit BF. the first time around I was afraid I would never lose the weight.

    My GF who EPed said she dropped the weight as soon as she was finished as well.
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