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Lay it all out!

Both good and bad about 2u2! I want to know! We just had LO in April and are thinking about trying to conceive around Januaryish! That would put our LO's around 18 months or so apart! Have I lost my mind from lack of sleep???? thanks!
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Re: Lay it all out!

  • Mine are 18months apart.  For me I wish we would have waited until DS was a little older (maybe 2 or 2.5) before DD was born.  The first 6 months were very hard.  I like it now b/c they are close but I do feel like DS had to grow up a little fast.  

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  • I think it really all depends on your family dynamic. We love having 2u2 - they are 16mo apart. We are actually hoping for 3u3. I think for us, we like them being close in age and I really want to get all of the infant stuff out of the way early on. I can't imagine doing the newborn thing is 6 or 7 years. I love the way our two little guys interact and are starting to play already. 

    Don't get me wrong, it can be tough some days - but I think the fun days outnumber the bad ones :) Shopping, getting everyone ready to go somewhere and church are the toughest parts of my week.  

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  • I think 2u2 totally depends on spacing. Mine are 14 months apart and the beginning was really hard. DS#1 wasn't old enough to understand that I needed him to not follow me and scream while I put #2 down, or that mommy needs to divide her attention. My oldest was getting his molars while we were dealing with newborn sleep issues. For once I finally feel like I have things under control, and that's on a good day.

    On the other hand, the boys are so super cute together, and I know as soon as #2 is more mobile they'll have a great time. It's a give and take.

    We haven't really noticed the cost of another baby because we have been able to reuse everything and were barely done buying formula before #2 came. Babysitters are also a little harder to come by, especially because the boys can kinda be a handful. BUT if we do decide we're done having kids, we only have 1.5 years left in the trenches!

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    Thank you all! We are kind of on the " lets do the newborn thing once" side. Might as well be up to our necks in diapers and formulas all at once! I am concerned with expenses though ESP daycare/sitter. If we had another boy we could reuse everything. If we had a girl we would just have to buy clothes. Then the great debate about sharing a room or not!
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  • I love it now but it was super hard at first. DD was still very needed at 18m. My H and I really had to divide and conquer.

    Now I love it! They play and entertain each other. DD was never jealous either or acted out.



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  • Mine are 18 months apart and I love it.  I am already wanting a third and my youngest is only 4 months old.  It's just so much fun seeing them together and I love having a little one to cuddle with.  It was really tough in the beginning before DS was STTN, but I love having two kids and I don't think it's hard having them close in age.
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  • Mine are 17.5 months apart. So far I love the age difference. My oldest does not remember life without a sibling so there are no resentment or jealousy issues. I think we got lucky that our oldest absolutely adores her sister. She is always trying to help take care of her sister. They play together a lot which gives me so much more time to shower, make meals, do the dishes, etc. My youngest just started crawling so life is starting to get a little bit more hectic now that the baby isn't where I left her. I'm a little bit scared about when the baby starts walking and the kids run in opposite directions. At this point DH and I are still planning to have another set of kids 18 months apart so it must not be that bad. 

    I should add that my oldest started STTN when we conceived the second. Pregnancy and chasing a toddler was hard. #2 has always been a great sleeper. Any lack of sleep I have is my own fault for staying up late and playing on the computer. 

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