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"Stop denting the baby!"

As I am sure is the case with many of you, my LO's movements have recently evolved from straightforward kicking and bladder punching to being more like repositioning. It is just a different quality of movement.

As this is my first pregnancy, I thought this was kinda cool and I was having fun resting my hand on my stomach, feeling her stretch her legs in there. I wanted my husband to feel it, too, so I called him in. Of course, she decided to stop moving right then, so I playfully poked at my stomach to get her to move. To which my husband responded "Stop denting the baby!"

I thought he was joking, but no. He was sure I was about to cause her head to have dent. "Babies are soft!" he explained. Yup.

"She's the tied for the third-funniest person on this board!" -S13 Bumpies


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Re: "Stop denting the baby!"

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