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What I did today :)

So besides being a day full of different meetings at work I helped solve a crime :) 

This morning DH calls me and tells me he left his Ipad3 on the airplane in the seat pocket.  He realized right away but had to wait for everyone to exit the plane before the stewardess could go back to his  seat.  Well it wasn't there.  So someone had stolen it as no one turned it in.  Luckily I have an Iphone and on it have the Find my iphone app which has all of our Apple devices on it.  So from the app we were able to Lock the ipad with a code so no one could open it up and even put a message on it saying it was lost with my husband's phone number.  But we couldn't find anything as it wasn't connected to the internet, but the app would notify you once it was connected.  So around 11am DH gets a notification and I was able to go onto the app and find out the exact address of where the Ipad was!  DH called the local cops in the city where it said the Ipad was, they showed up at the address and sure enough after some investigation were able to get his Ipad back!  The lady who took it tried to say that the guy she was with (she wasn't with one - DH remembers seeing her as she was only a row back from him) took it and he must have put it in her purse.  DH isn't pressing charges though as he's just happy he has his Ipad back.

Thank goodness for Find My Ipad or else it would have been gone!  So lesson for everyone who has apple products - make sure you have your devices connected as it can help you get yours back if it is stolen!   


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Re: What I did today :)

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