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1 Nap?

When do babies go down the 1 nap? Our LO recently dropped his 3rd evening nap about 2 weeks ago. Now he is fighting his second nap - when do LO's go down to just 1 nap a day?  

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Re: 1 Nap?

  • DS dropped to one nap around 10 months. Like your LO, he was fighting his afternoon nap, so we just cut it out. He did go to bed earlier for a while, but evened out his bedtime on his own. His schedule now is up at 6:30, nap from around 10am-12 or 1 pm, then bedtime around 6-6:30 PM.
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    From what I've heard, most babies do it much later than 15 months or so. Not always, but usually. I'd just try out different schedules and see what works for your kid.

    My LO went to one nap almost right when he turned 1 but that only lasted about 2 weeks then we switched him back to 2 naps because he was much happier that way.



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  • My daughter went down to one nap around 13 months. For a few weeks it was back and forth--sometimes one nap, sometimes 2 until she finally went to one nap for good.  My son now will skip his morning nap and just take an earlier afternoon nap. He used to nap around 9:15-11:00 and then 1:15-3:15. Now sometimes he'll just nap 12-3 or 3:30.   It really depends on how his night was (he still wakes up frequently), and how early he wakes up.



  • I was just brushing up my baby sleep books and it's funny that around 9 months it said that babies drop their THIRD nap - I was like HA DD is ready to drop her 2nd nap!!! Her naps are so flipping short I can't stand it! 45-60 minutes for morning and an hour MAX for nap number two. Then she sleeps from 6pm - 7am. Yes, she sleeps a lot at night (wakes up once goes back to sleep). But it's so frustrating because if we are out and about she'll take a cat nap in the stroller but she's super crabby from it. Otherwise we are stuck in the house so she can nap.....I tried to push her morning nap and she gets so crabby. DS was down to 1 nap at 13 months - could have done it much sooner. 
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  • My DD takes one nap 12-3 then goes to bed around 9 pm and sleeps until 6 am.  We cut out her morning nap at 10 months, then her afternoon nap at 11 months (if we ride somewhere in the evening she may take a 15 min nap on the way).
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