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i have a nudist

So recently my 20 mon. old DD wants to take all of her clothes off including diaper. When I put them back on her she has a huge meltdown. Any advice on what I can do?

Re: i have a nudist

  • LOL no ideas, but I have a similar problem over here.  We do let her run naked after dinner though, usually with a diaper until shortly before bath time then we take it all off.  She loves it.  We do cloth diapers though and she can't take it off because of the snaps.
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  • Haha I hope you have wood floors!. My son loves to be naked too but thankfully he is content to be in just a diaper.

    Maybe implement a "naked time" at a certain time of the day? When she wants to be naked tell her it's not naked time and she can be naked after lunch or before bath time or whenever.

    Or slather her in sun screen and toss her in the backyard.

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  • Let her be naked as much as she can. There isn't anything wrong with being naked in most circumstances. DD is like that too - usually runs around without a diaper or pants (or, now that we've potty trained, underwear). Half the time she's wearing a long sleeve shirt, half the time nothing. At home, it really doesn't matter, and she can get clothing or tell us if she gets cold. Outside is fine too (though we go through more sunblock) when it's just around the yard. She's required to wear clothes to ride her bike, go in the car, and when we are out at  a park or running errands. Other than that, she gets to decide how clothed she is.
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    My niece did this. They found out she is not able to un-do the snap on a onesie, so she wore those under her clothes until they didn't make sizes big enough.
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  • Thank you all for the great advice.

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